Hearing about cosplay from Costume SuperCenter is one thing, but the folks here wanted to give the visitors to our blog a better look into the costuming community.

That’s why we’ve decided to start Cosplay Convo – Exclusive interviews with models from our team of cosplayers, talking about their experiences in cosplay, their future plans and why they continue to work with CSC. This week, we sat down with Avalon Cosplay, who recently took CSC’s Little Red Riding Hood costume and completed an incredible photoshoot with Cantera Image.

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Costume SuperCenter: What was the first convention or cosplay event you ever attended? Did anything specific happen at that convention that made you say “Wow. I want to keep doing this.”?

Avalon Cosplay: My first convention was New York Comic Con in 2009. I had never even been able to do anything of that caliber before, and I finally had the chance to go out with a few of my college friends and see what the “con world” was like. Though I didn’t really get myself out socially, and was too timid to talk to anyone or do much of anything other than walk around in costume, the adrenaline rush of the energy around me was what brought me back the following year, and the year after that, and the year after that.

CSC: What was your first cosplay? Was it something particular that inspired you to make your first costume?

AC3AC: My first cosplay was Mello (Mihael Keehl) from Death Note for “Character Day” my senior year of high school. Since I didn’t have the money to buy wigs or any big accessories, I had to stick with what I had already in my closet. Plus, since I was Mello, it was the perfect excuse to spend the day eating chocolate.

CSC: Obviously, a lot of American cosplayers are hesitant to work with costume retailers as opposed to creating their own outfits by hand. What were your thoughts when you were first contacted by CSC?

AC: To be honest, I’ve always been one to make her own costumes. I’ve always had a pride issue, so even having them commissioned could be hard for me. But when I was contacted by CSC, I thought it’d be the perfect little break from making my own stuff. Not to mention, having someone want to work with you promoting for their business was an honor.

CSC: For CSC, you decided to wear our Red Riding Hood costume. What made you pick that particular costume, and what was the feedback from your fans like? Did they enjoy it?

AC: Red Riding Hood has always been one of my favorite characters from fairy tales, and it gave me the perfect chance to perfect another style I seem to have down pat: cutesy, with a hint of sexy. As for my fans, well, they have been doing the same thing to my pictures that the Big Bad Wolf in the story does to innocent grandmas in the forest — eating them up!

CSC: How do you keep yourself engaged with your fans and followers? What’s it like meeting them at conventions?

AC4AC: I always try to post a bit of everything. Things to stimulate, things to inspire, things to question, and things to smile at. I try to attack every bit that a cosplayer fan would want to see in someone they look up to, and whenever people contact me, I rarely leave a question, comment, or message without a reply. Meeting them at conventions is different altogether. I’m honored that I’ve made enough of an impact to where they recognize me and are walking up to talk to me. The first time it happened, I practically cried. It was surreal.

CSC: What are your future cosplay plans? Is there anything specific that your fans can look forward to?

AC: Seeing as how I’ve come to fall in love further with fighting games, I’d tell everyone to be on the lookout for cosplays from Fire Emblem, Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, and many others. Video game characters have always been my number-one most-cosplayed-from area. However, I’m starting to get much more into anime cosplay design, too. Other than that, I’ll be premiering my first Geek Goddess set soon, and I hope everyone enjoys that!

CSC: Overall, how would you grade your collaboration with Costume SuperCenter? Hopefully, you enjoyed working with us as much as we enjoyed working with you!

AC: On an academic scale, definitely an A! I loved the costume, took some amazing pictures in it, and loved talking back and forth with the people supporting me through the business. I’m so appreciative for the opportunity and I hope to possibly work with these guys again!