Hearing about cosplay from Costume SuperCenter is one thing, but the folks here wanted to give the visitors to our blog a better look into the costuming community.

That’s why we’ve decided to start Cosplay Convo – Exclusive interviews with models from our team of cosplayers, talking about their experiences in cosplay, their future plans and why they continue to work with CSC. This week, we sat down with VampireKitten, who recently took one of CSC’s most recognizable video game character ensembles, and gave it a mind-blowing genderbend.


Costume SuperCenter: What was the first convention or cosplay event you ever attended? Did anything specific happen at that convention that made you say “Wow. I want to keep doing this.”?

VampireKitten: I’m not sure what made me want to cosplay, I just remember being really into costuming since the beginning. My mom would make me these extravagant Halloween costumes as a kid; I loved it so much. My first convention was Anime Expo 2005, I think. It’s been so long now that I don’t really remember the year.

CSC: What was your first cosplay? Was it something particular that inspired you to make your first costume?

VK4VK: My first actual costume was BloodRayne, I remember the game as being one of my favorites because Rayne was this strong female lead. It was a tough costume and I had almost no money at the time so I ended up just making it out of materials/clothes that I found in a thrift store over a few months. It was actually pretty incredible for my skill level at the time.

CSC: Obviously, a lot of American cosplayers are hesitant to work with costume retailers as opposed to creating their own outfits by hand. What were your thoughts when you were first contacted by CSC?

VK: I typically make all of my own costumes and a couple I have purchased second hand from other cosplayers. I thought… “Is there a way that I can do this to benefit my fans who want to cosplay, but it’s difficult for them to”. That’s sort of the real reason why I ended up doing the challenge that I did.

CSC: For CSC, you decided to wear our Link costume, and you gave it a gender-bent twist. What made you pick that particular costume, and what was the feedback from your fans like? Did they enjoy it?

VK: From what I have showed my fans so far, they are really enjoying it. The challenge of making a man’s costume into a woman’s was a great experience for me. I sort of wanted to show people who don’t have as much costuming experience that it’s okay to take a preexisting piece and modify it.

CSC: How do you keep yourself engaged with your fans and followers? What’s it like meeting them at conventions?

VK1VK: Oh man, I love when I meet people who follow me at cons! I’m really very humbled by the whole experience and I just sort of let them know that I’m just an average girl who just likes playing dress up just like them. I try to keep updates going on my page and pushing to make art all the time so they have something to talk about. They sort of motivate me to work harder and more consistent with my work.

CSC: What are your future cosplay plans? Is there anything specific that your fans can look forward to?

VK: Right now I am working on two costumes: Princess Cadence from My Little Pony and Gijinka Amaterasu from Okami. Between work, running my business and projects I am involved in, it’s really very hard for me to complete cosplay costumes that I start. I am getting better at getting them finished more frequently. Once I finish with both of those, I am planning on starting an armor project… perhaps Dovahkiin.

CSC: Overall, how would you grade your collaboration with Costume SuperCenter? Hopefully, you enjoyed working with us as much as we enjoyed working with you!

VK: Costume SuperCenter is great in the way they work with cosplayers because they are really open to suggestions and trying new ideas with their costumes. It was really great working with people who really have a good understanding of their brands. I would love to work with you guys again on another collaboration sometime! Thank you again for the opportunity, it was a blast!