Here at Costume SuperCenter, we have nothing but respect and admiration for cosplayers who put the time and effort into their outfits, creating them by hand. We do, however, want to stress to cosplayers that while we do feature complete costumes for the casual cosplayers, we also have the props, accessories, wigs and shoes to put your detailed creation over the top!

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Check out some of the amazing cosplay artists that Costume SuperCenter has worked with:




Abi Sue

Abi Sue has been an avid cosplayer since her first convention in 2009. Growing up with five brothers, it was easy for her to acquire fandoms of popular comic books and video games. She makes all of her own costumes and loves to help her friends with theirs. For Costume SuperCenter, she chose to model two of our high quality wigs.


Alice Malice

Alice Malice is one of the many girls from My Geek Goddess that Costume SuperCenter is proud and excited to work with. She’s an alternative, cosplay, and fetish model, and she’s been on the scene since she was 18 years old. For CSC, she decided to model the store’s Sexy American Dream costume, and was kind enough to provide us with a review of the costume on her Tumblr account, which you can find here.


Ani Mia

While Mia’s modeling career took off in 2001, it wasn’t until 2008 that she began involving herself in the cosplay community. Since then, she has enjoyed traveling to conventions across the country, judging costume contests and appearing in a variety of cosplay publications, both in print and online. Ani-Mia chose to model CSC’s Rainbow Prism Wig, and you can see more pictures of her work on her Facebook!


Artemis Moon

Artemis Moon didn’t start cosplaying until her sophomore year of college, but if you look at the work she did with turning CSC products into a DC Comics Black Canary cosplay, you’d naturally assume she’s been doing it since birth. You can find more of her work on her DeviantART and Tumblr profile pages.


Avalon Cosplay

Avalon Cosplay is an East Coast based cosplayer who’s done cosplays from video games, television, and various anime throughout her years of costuming. She has recently placed in a variety of respected cosplay contests, and her portfolio and following both continue to grow each day. Avalon modeled and reviewed CSC’s Red Riding Hood Costume with help from Photographer: Cantera Image.



Brittnie Jade

Why so serious? Brittnie Jade SERIOUSLY pulls off Costume SuperCenter’s Lulu the Clown Tutu. In her video review, this Geek Goddess shows everyone what she loves so much about CSC’s outfit and matching purple wig. When she’s not clowning around, Brittnie Jade does pinup shoots and special effects makeup.


Byndo Gehk

Byndo Gehk claims that she only cosplays in her spare time, but, after seeing her work, there’s no doubt that she’s a natural. Some of her favorite cosplays include Totodile, Booker Dewitt and Fiora, but there’s no doubt that Costume SuperCenter’s favorite is our very own Foxy Lady costume. To the left, you’ll see her rocking it in an M9 Cosplay Photography shoot from Otakon 2014.



Caeron Cosplay

Caeron Cosplay joined the Cosplay SuperCenter team from all the way up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Luckily, CSC recently launched our Canadian-based store, because we would have hated to miss out on her amazing work! She’s a lover of computer gaming, making jewelry, and, obviously, cosplay. She pulled off a stunning Selina Kyle in Costume SuperCenter’s Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume, and you can read her review here.


Callie Cosplay

The name Callie Cosplay is spreading fast in the fabulous world of cosplay, and with good reason. Callie, a comic book fan for life, recently started cosplaying with a goal of making people smile, while becoming her favorite characters in the process. For CSC, she showed how you can take ONE product and use it to make SEVERAL cosplays. Check out her review to see how she took one catsuit and turned it into Marvel’s Black Cat, GI Joe’s Baroness, and other incredible costumes.


Candy Keane

Candy Keane does more than model. She’s also the proud owner of Three Muses Clothing, which she created in 2005 as her way of turning her passion for creating costumes into a career. Three Muses Clothing’s retail location in Jacksonville, FL boasts a blend of Candy’s own creations with items from local artists, as well as plenty of retail brands. She’s most well-known for her works featuring Slave Leia and Wonder Woman, but is seen here sporting CSC’s Blonde Bombshell Wig.


Chibineko Cosplay

Chibineko Cosplay, from NYC, knows that Cosplay isn’t just a hobby – It’s a lifestyle. On her Facebook, you’ll see a list of her accolades and cons she’s previously attended, which includes her first place prize in the Go! Go! Curry NYCC Cosplay Contest. Chibineko was nice enough to model for Costume SuperCenter in our Sexy Pin Up Sailor Costume, and she put her own touches on it, making it a jaw-dropping rendition of Sailor Moon.

IMG_0691 copy

Chloe Von Creepy

Chloe Von Creepy has been modeling since 2005, and has worked with more than 100 industry professionals along the East Coast. She doubles as a photographer, and loves immersing herself in all aspects of modeling. Cosplay is just one of the many genres Chloe works with, and for Costume SuperCenter, she chose to model our Sucker Punch Sweet Pea costume.


Cosplay Kitten

Cosplay Kitten is a self-proclaimed “uber-nerd” who is addicted to video games, but has an incredible passion for cosplay, mainly because she loves the challenge of bringing her favorite characters to life. For Costume SuperCenter, she stuck to her feline ways, and modeled our Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume.


Cosplay Sisters

The Cosplay Sisters consist of Marisa, Stefanie and Katrina – Three sisters who “play dress up” all year round. They claim that their love of comics comes from their father’s collection, and they enjoy going to conventions dressed as their favorite characters. There’s usually a theme between the group, but to the left, you’ll see Stefanie posing in CSC’s Catwoman costume.



Dancing Fool Cosplay

Dancing Fool Cosplay is, like her name would suggest, a dancer who has an affinity for cosplay. She’s previously costumed as Anna from Frozen, but with Costume SuperCenter, decided to take a turn, as she sided with the villians in our Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume. This Boston-based model loves cats, panda bears, and generally anything cute or magical.



According to her Facebook Profile, Dessi-Desu is first and foremost an illustrator, who enjoys sewing and doing crafts. She has a passion for creating costumes based off her favorite series. While Costume SuperCenter can’t take credit for the amazing Aurora dress she’s sporting to the left, we did provide the petticoat underneath that adds the volume, proving that CSC has the stuff to put your cosplay over the top!



Enchanted Cupcake

Not only is Enchanted Cupcake a cosplayer, but in 2011, after two years as a photographer, EC began her company Sweet Sensation Photography, that has a heavy focus on other cosplayers. Previously, EC has been seen in her renditions of Sailor Moon and Black Cat, but here, you’ll see her featured in a Sucker Punch costume, while wielding Baby Doll’s sword, both of which were provided by – you guessed it – Costume SuperCenter.



Glitzy Geek Girl

Anna Lee, author of Glitzy Geek Girl, has been sharing her adventures through her blog since 2012, and does it in hopes that people will find inspiration and positivity through her efforts of being both geeky AND stylish. She loves video games, fashion and being a professional hair stylist, and CSC loves how she looks in our Elite Wicked Queen Costume!

regan 2


Gothichamlet, one half of the cosplay duo Cowbutt Crunchies, has never been one to slack on her cosplay crafts. Luckily for CSC, she decided to try a store bought costume for once when she modeled and reviewed our Sexy Velvet Miss Santa Costume. Check out their Tumblr account for process pics, tutorials, and completed photosets. gothichamlet prefers the design and sewing portion of cosplay, and we can’t wait to see more of her work!



Heart & Soul Cosplay

Alexa Heart of Heart & Soul Cosplay is much more than a model for Cosplay SuperCenter! She’s been prominently featured by world-reknown cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty, and appeared several times on her riveting “So They Say You Shouldn’t Cosplay” panel. For CSC, Alexa got into the holiday spirit and modeled one of our female Santa costumes for her Holiday Princess Peach look!



Jazzmin Jolly

Jazzmin Jolly, being the Disney fan that she is, didn’t hesitate at all when it came to picking a costume to model from CSC. After previously cosplaying as Snow White, Alice, Tiana, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel and Cinderella, the next logical choice was Tinkerbell. This cosplayer from the Philadelphia area has been modeling since 2009, and also loves shooting in Lolita sets.



Kasumi Sun

Kasumi Sun is originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area where she is a chef, but always find the time to partake in her passions: photography, modeling, sewing and cosplay. Her two major obsessions are Marval Super Villain Loki and the video game Final Fantasy, for which she has done a few cosplays. She plans to continue her cosplay work with her friend and roommate Sarah Moon, who is also a part of the team here at Cosplay SuperCenter.


Kitsune Kid

Kitsune Kid is widely known and respected throughout the cosplay community as somebody who prides herself on making her own costumes, crafting her own props, doing her own makeup, and styling her own hair. That’s why the team at Costume SuperCenter was so excited when she decided to make an exception and model our Sexy Wolf Costume at Otakon ’14. Check out her Facebook to see what other Cons are on her schedule, and M9 Photography for more photos from their shoot!



Previously, cosplayer Knightmage has created costumes for characters like Spawn and the Predator, but for Costume SuperCenter, he decided to alter and modify our Punisher costume, and turn himself into his own unique version of Frank Castle. After rating the costume a 4.5 out of 5, Knightmage listed some pros to the costume being a good and very comfortable fit with durable material.



Koneko started her blog, Your Average Nerd, so that she could share her love of all things geeky with others. Her first fandom was Sailor Moon, but she loves all things Disney (Especially The Little Mermaid), and decided to rock Costume SuperCenter’s Arkham City Harley Quinn costume for a review. Has crazy ever looked so good?


Krissy Victory

Krissy Victory, or Victory for short, is an actress and that is her first passion and love. She is also, however, a gamer and freelance model. Because Halloween is her favorite holiday, cosplaying came naturally to her, and Sailor Moon was her first. For Costume SuperCenter, though, she decided to rock our Slave Leia costume, and did it justice, for sure.


Kyle Mistry

The great Kyle Mistry took Costume SuperCenter’s Upstairs Maid Costume, and used it for the chance to cosplay the maid version of Rei from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Check out Kyle’s reviw of the costume on his Tumblr account, and keep in mind that all of the shots from his Maid Rei are thanks to photographer rundevinrun.



Lauren Steinmeyer

Lauren Steinmeyer is an actress with experience on the stage, screen, voice overs, and modeling. She’s an official VampireFreaks model, and a graduate of The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts: School of Film and Television. She classifies herself as a Star Wars nerd and a crazy cat lady… Which could be why she looks so comfortable in CSC’s Dark Knight Rises Catwoman costume.


Lolita Zombie

Lolita Zombie is an up-and-coming Cosplay Deviants model from Philadelphia who does more than just wear costumes. She loves to paint, make her own jewelry, and has a passion for tattoos. While she enjoys her time in front of the camera, she has a natural passion for gaming, too. Sonic the Hedgehog was the first game she ever beat, but we’d say she pretty much killed Mortal Kombat with her rendition of Sonya Blade. Wouldn’t you?


Luna Lanie

Luna Lanie is special to Costume SuperCenter in the sense that she was the first cosplay girl to accept a partnership with us. In her spare time, you can find Lanie streaming on, and there’s absolutely no question that this cosplay girl is on the rise. She’s getting more popular by the day, and since posing in CSC’s Sucker Punch Babydoll costume, Luna Lanie was named The Gaming Ground‘s “Next Cosplay Superstar.”




Maria Ramos, aka Mariedoll, is a professional model from Houston, Texas, whose work has been featured in newspapers (The Houston Chronicle) and magazines (Maxim). As an avid video gamer, anime and comic book enthusiast Mariedoll, she enjoys being able to combine her passions for costuming and modeling into one career . To the left, you’ll see this gamer channeling her inner-plumber in Costume SuperCenter’s Super Mario costume.


Marie Grey

Marie Grey love comics, video games, and photography, and does what she can to incorporate them all into her convention experience. She didn’t start making her own costumes until 2012, but since then, she has created over 30 costumes! For Costume SuperCenter, Marie decided to do an entire costume reconstruction, taking our 50’s Housewife costume and turning it into the Bioshock character Little Sister! Photos courtesy of OhHeyItsSK.



Melificent, or Meli, is a resident of Miami, Florida and never lets her day job get in the way of her adorably geeky blog. She loves music, TV, her two Boston Terriers and Do-It-Yourself projects (including cosplay!). While Costume SuperCenter’s Sucker Punch Sweet Pea costume wasn’t exactly one of her crafts, she does rock it pretty well, doesn’t she? At CSC, we know we can’t wait to see this Geek Blogger wearing our stuff again soon!



Naomi VonKreeps

Naomi VonKreeps is a Canadian web developer, who claims that cosplay is only a hobby. After seeing her work, customers of CSC would think that she costumes for a living. She’s obsessed with both Assassin’s Creed and Star Wars, and has a not-so-secret love for Boba Fett. She cosplays the characters she admires most, and her work in Costume SuperCenter’s Supergirl costume makes it hard to believe that NVK’s only power is to make men drool. Check out some of her work on Facebook!



Rennie Starks

Whoever said that the sequels aren’t as good as the originals, clearly never saw Rennie Starks. Starks is the second of Costume SuperCenter’s cosplay girls to model our Sucker Punch Babydoll costume, and she’s the second to make it look, well, pretty amazing. Starks is someone who prides herself on custom-making most of her own costumes, but, after working with CSC, she know that sometimes, even the best cosplayers could use a little help.



Riri, writer for Lifted Geek, recently granted Costume SuperCenter the pleasure of seeing her in our Sexy Green Player Costume. With her review and photos, she made fans of her cosplay work forget all about that other Italian video game plumber. Riri loves prop making, sewing and making her own costumes, and CSC hopes that we can see her in some of our products again soon. For more work from Riri, check her out on Lifted Geek.



Sarah Moon

Sarah Moon classifies herself as a cosplayer, makeup artist, photographer and fellow citizen Nerd of Nerdvania. This Pittsburgh resident might be best known for her cosplays of Jessica Rabbit and Thor, but, for Costume SuperCenter, she decided to model our Spiderman Glam Costume, and, like the costume’s namesake Peter Parker, Moon took some great shots of Spidey. Keep an eye out for future collaborations between Sarah Moon and CSC!

Sister Cacao

Sister Cacao decided to combine her love for video games and the holidays in her review for Costume SuperCenter, as she took our Sexy Miss Santa costume, and modified it to resemble Tina’s Christmas DLC costume from the popular game Dead or Alive. In reading her review, you’ll be impressed with how quickly she made progress, and how little else she needed than the contents of the package. All photos courtesy of M9 Photography.



Sarah, aka SmzeldaRules, was kind enough to review three different Costume SuperCenter products that she used in order to build her female Link (Legend of Zelda) cosplay. In her review, she says that “ordering things from a store or online definitely does not make one less of a cosplayer,” and we couldn’t agree with her more. Aside from being an absolute pleasure to work with, Sarah is also a talented graphic designer and DJ.


Stella Chuu

A New York-based burlesque dancer and cosplay artist, Stella Chuu chose to model Costume SuperCenter’s Angel Dress as a part of her Kreiger’s girlfriend cosplay. She considers herself “two parts geek and one part sexual icon,” and is taking the cosplay world by storm, as she mixes anime, pop culture and strip tease. Stella is easy to find these days, as she performs at conventions across the U.S.


Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie, one of Costume SuperCenter’s favorite Geek Goddesses, doesn’t limit herself to cosplay; She’s also passionate about other types of modeling, as well as theater. For CSC, she pulled off an incredible look, posing as, and posting a video review in, one of Batman’s most clever foes – The Riddler. Now, riddle me this – Who would look better in green than Stephanie Marie?



Tender Cosplay

Tender Cosplay, is a Canadian Cosplayer whose passions lie mainly in sewing and any form of creating. She claims that one of her favorite parts of cosplay is being able to make so many new friends along the way, and, considering that the first con she attended was AC Cubed in 2003, she’s had plenty of time to do so. For Costume SuperCenter, she decided to add a little fur to one of our catsuits for a stunning Black Cat cosplay.


Teragarm Cosplay

Margaret Becker, or as you probably know her, Teragarm Cosplay, is a self-proclaimed Nerd Princess. She’s been cosplaying since 2009, and, even though she’s still a full-time student, always finds time for her passion of cosplaying. She, personally, thinks that her cosplays are pretty good, but admits she’s still learning. After seeing her modify and model CSC’s Go-Go Boots, the team here thinks she’s pretty special.


Toxic Girl

Toxic Girl Cosplay does more than just create. She also spends her time with photography and commissions of her own. She’s a fan of bad jokes, nerding out, and putting time and effort into her cosplay work, some of which she displays as a part of the Cosplay Burlesque Group, The Chemical Crew. For CSC, she modeled our Silk Spectre costume, and turned all men into watchmen.




Candace Miller (aka VampireKitten) began modeling and cosplaying around 2006, and since then, has branched out into both photography and makeup artistry in order to learn all aspects of her trade. Her incredible talents were on full display in her work for Costume SuperCenter, as she bravely took on a men’s costume, and turned it into her own unique, feminine play on Link from The Legend of Zelda. All photos courtesy of The Hermitage Photography.


Victoria Cosplay

In addition to being an avid cosplayer from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Victoria Cosplay has dedicated herself to a charitable organization called the Heroes Alliance, where she dresses up in superhero attire to meet with children. She began cosplaying in 2006, and enjoys hand-stitching and painting props and accessories. She owns a birthday party business, keeps her own blog, and seems to be pretty comfortable as royalty, as she shows off CSC’s Elite Enchanting Princess Costume.



Yuffie Bunny

Yuffie Bunny is a cosplay and alternative fashion model from NJ/NYC. She’s been in this industry since about 2003 and, according to her Facebook page, has no plans to stop any time soon. Her passions for cosplaying and modeling are in part to the opportunity she’s given to meet so many wonderful people and really express who she is. For CSC, she modeled our Vixen of Versailles costume and accompanied it with breathtaking special effects makeup from her friends at Anatomy FX.



Zombie Bit Me

Shantel Knight, aka Zombie Bit Me, is a model, artist, cosplayer and a gamer. Her personal interests include comics, vinyl figures and other toys, and she has previously cosplayed a female Spider-Man, Deadpool and Catwoman. Here, she’s taking a shot of herself in CSC’s Sexy Leia costume, proving that you don’t have to be a slave to Jabba the Hut in order to look good as the Princess of Alderaan.

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