Costume Conventions and Festivals Reach Far Beyond Comic-con


When you think of conventions where people dress in costume the first one that usually comes to mind is Comic-con. There, fans of the sci-fi and superhero genre dress in outfits of their favorite comic book heroes.  But there are so many other conventions, not related to superheroes or holidays for people to dress in the costumes that appeal most to their personal interests. Here is a list of the top

  • Pirate – Gasparilla is the largest pirate convention. Held every January in Tampa, Florida, it attracts people of all ages dressed in pirate costumes to celebrate the legend of Jose Gaspar, a Spanish pirate who invaded the coast of western Florida hundreds of years ago.
  • Star Trek – Thousands of trekkers (or trekkies) in Star Trek costumes from every generation gather at various places throughout the US. All through the year, you can find a convention near you that celebrates the adventures and innovations of the crew of the SS Enterprise.
  • Elvis – Head to Las Vegas or Memphis to commemorate the life of the King of Rock and Roll. This August he would have been 76 years old and has been dead for 34 years yet his legend is very much alive and well. Elvis costume soar through the roof in the summer in anticipation of these annual events.
  • Steampunk is the newest costume genre with the oldest style. Steampunk costumes combine Victorian clothing with industrial sci-fi gadgets. Check out this list of Steampunk conventions and get geared up for one near you.
  • Fairy Festivals. – There are all kinds of faerie festivals but some of the most popular are May Day Faerie Festival in Glen Rock, PA and NY Faerie Festival in upstate NY. They celebrate the existence of all fairy and nature spirits but humans are invited to come in fairy costumes too.
  • Renaissance Fair – Folks takes their Ren Faires very seriously, not only dressing in Renaissance costumes but adopting the old English language and laws of merry old England.
  • Furry Fandom – Furry conventions are social gatherings among people who are interested in anthropomorphic and fictional characters with human characteristics. They dress in anthropomorphic outfits ranging from werewolf costumes to Bugs Bunny costumes.
  • Monster Mania – Monster Mania Con is the place where you can meet horror’s biggest stars and wear horror costumes of your favorite characters or your own creations.

So dressing up is for many more people than just comic book enthusiasts. If you are into something and feel the urge to dress up in costume, there is a gathering of like-minded people waiting to join you for a great time.