Costume of the Week: Clubhouse Minnie Mouse

By August 31, 2009 In the News No Comments

di50105clubhouseminnieI love all things Disney. As a Disney Vacation Club Member, I have had the pleasure of visiting Walt Disney World 8 times since 2002.  One thing I never get tired of seeing at the parks are little girls dressed in their princess costumes. But not often enough do you see little girls dressed as the Disney’s female mascot, Minnie Mouse. Therefore, the costume of the week is the Clubhouse Minnie Mouse costume.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the princeses but I will save them for another blog.  This blog is devoted the adorable and timeless Minnie Mouse.

The Clubhouse Minnie Mouse costume is new for 2009 at  It features a pink polka dot dress with a cameo of Minnie, and a matching headband with Minnie ears and a pink polka dot bow. This adorable dress resembles the one that Minnie wears on the animated Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel.  It’s a cuter, younger version of Minnie’s tradition red and white polka dot dress and is geared toward toddlers and very young children.

This particular incarnation of Minnie Mouse is a sweet girl who interacts with a cast of Disney regulars as they teach very young viewers basic educational skills such as counting, identifying shapes, movement, speech and critical thinking.  All of their teaching is done in a very identifiably “Disney” way.  Right from the start of the show when you must shout out the clubhouse password “Meeska Mooska, Mickey Mouse” it’s easy to see how small children find these Disney characters so captivating.  This show is interactive and full of music and catchy dialogue.  Best of all, it makes learning fun. Their personalities are so child friendly and Minnie’s sweet and gentle demeanor epitomizes femininity.

We highly recommend the Clubhouse Minnie Mouse costume not only for Halloween but for dress-up too. It will be your little girl’s favorite addition to her toy box. Imagine how cute she’ll look dressed as Minnie as she watches her favorite Disney show. And what bette role model for a sweet young lady like yours?