Costume of the Week: Go Ga Ga for Lady Gaga

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gagaJust because you can’t find a Lady Gaga Costume doesn’t mean you can’t be Lady Gaga for Halloween. All sorts of costumes are possible when you think outside the box and use a bit of creativity.

Lady Gaga defines unique, unusual and creative. She has a style all her own with an anything goes, over the top attitude.  Here are two ways to transform yourself into Lady Gaga with some easy to find costumes and accessories.

Crazy over the top al la MTV awards Lady Gaga

  • 1. An ornate feather mask – Any crazy feather mask can be used. You can choose a mask that covers both eyes and that would be fine but you can also modify a mask so it covers only one eye, similar to the masks she wore at the MTV Awards.
  • 2. Glam outfit – I would go for elegance a la Hollywood Starlet. A red gown or black gown can be accessorized any way you want it. The perfect gown will have a high side slit.
  • 3. Feather boa – just because they’re so much fun! Wear it long or wrap it around your neck right up to your ears to frame your face in feathery fluff.
  • 4. A gorgeous blonde bombshell wig, big and full of body.
  • 5. Shoes – a glam gown with sexy thigh high boots or the biggest, baddest 6 inch platforms you can find.

Crazy, sleek and sexy Poker Face Lady Gaga

  • 1. A sexy black cat suit – if its tight and shiny it will work.
  • 2. Thigh high patent leather boots, preferably with platform heels
  • 3. A platinum straight blonde wig with bold bangs
  • 4. Black make-up – use the makeup to draw a bold lightening bolt over one eye with bold shadow on your eyelids.

Ideally, I’d go for a bustier that shoots pyrotechnics from the nipples but that would be dangerous so don’t try that at home!

Now you have to practice your dance moves and learn all the words to Poker Face, if you don’t already know them.  You’ll score big points for originality and have a winning Halloween costume.

The internet has gazillions of pictures of  Lady Ga Ga to work from in creating your own unique costume and everything you need is easily found. Have fun.

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