Costume of the Week: Reversible Costumes

By October 5, 2009 In the News No Comments

For kids, it’s all about trick or treating but for teens and young adults Halloween is about parties. Often, they are invited to more than one and purchase a different costume for each party. These days, everyone is more budget conscious so why not double the bang for your buck and purchase a reversible costume?


According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending is expected to be down 15% from last year. That equates to less people buying Halloween costumes. To meet the challenge of this decline in spending, retailers like are focusing on Halloween costume discounts and values. Reversible costumes definitely have added value.

Take a look at these hot looks:

  1. The Buggin Out Adult Costume – an adorable costume that is a ladybug on one side and a bumble bee on the other. Wear it with thigh high stocking and heels or black tights and boots to vary the look even more.
  2. Sex Crimes and Miss Demeanors Costume – You can be a sexy cop one night and a prisoner of love the next. The costume comes with a reversible dress with removeable straps, belt, handcuffs, police cap, prisoner hat, baton and choker.
  3. Women’s Sexy Drive Me Crazy Costume – If you have the need for speed, our Drive Me Crazy Costume is ideal for you. It includes a reversible race car/taxi cab driver dress with removable, adjustable shoulder straps and separate shrug, headband, taxi driver hat and belt.
  4. Miss Hellen Back Costume – a Heavenly angel on one side and a devilish vixen on the other. The costume features a fully reversible Devil/Angel stretch knit dress. Also included are two pair of gloves, devil horns headband, removable devil tail, Miss Hellen Back removable name badge, halo headband, angel wings and a wand.

So, if you have two parties to go to consider the opting for two complete looks in one by purchasing a reversible costume.