Costume of the Week: Super Mario Brothers

By October 26, 2009 In the News No Comments

r883655As we wind down to Halloween one costume stands out as an oddball favorite. Superhero costumes are the usual favorites for Halloween but at the top of the list this year you will find an unlikely hero: an Italian-American plumber named Super Mario.

Before Mario hit the big time with is own game series he appeared as “Jumpman” in the 1981 classic game Donkey Kong. Nintendo Debuted Super Mario in 1983 and it has consistently been popular video game for over a quarter of a century. Millions of gamers from the age of 5 to 55 have lived in the virtual Mushroom Kingdom while embodying Mario in an effort to save Princess Toadstool (or in the newer games, Princess Peach). Combined, all the series of Mario games make it the best selling game of all time and Mario the most popular video game character in history. And as far as Halloween goes, Mario is the costume of the week, perhaps the boy’s costume of the year.

The Super Mario Brothers costume is a great likeness to the video character with his bright red shirt and blue overalls, big belly and oversized moustache. The costume features a hat, moustache, jumpsuit with attached shirt, gloves and inflatable belly. Costume SuperCenter retails it for $33.99.

What do you think of this Super Mario Brothers costume? Share your comments about the costume and the Super Mario Brothers video game series.