Costume of the Week: Week 3, The Vampire

By August 4, 2009 In the News No Comments



I woke up this morning exhausted, pale and pasty. The site of the sun in my eyes when I left for work made me wince. I knew with certainty that the costume of the week would be a vampire costume.  The vampire costume pretty much sums up how I am feeling today. Early allergies are giving me migraines that cause sensitivity to light. Lack of sleep recently has left me looking a bit ashy with dark circles under my eyes. I can wear any one of the many vampire costumes that Costume SuperCenter offers and I won’t even need makeup.

I may not feel my best but I still want to look good. I’m definitely not feeling sexy but more “professional.”  My vampire costume has a satin black cape with red lining, a velvet vest, white gloves and a vampire medallion.  I want to take that vampire cape and throw it over my head to shield my eyes, this time, not from the sun but from the harsh fluorescent lighting in my cubicle. If only my cubicle could double as a coffin, I could sink into the abyss of eternal darkness. Better yet I can choose the vampire costume that has the coffin built right in. Now that’s what I’m talking about.


It’s really not all bad, the aspirin has kicked in and I’m slowly able to emerge into the light.  I really do feel like a vampire today though. I better not look in any mirrors today. I’m afraid of what I might see…or not see.