Costume of the Week, Week 4: The Elvis Costume

By August 10, 2009 In the News No Comments

The end of this week, August 16th, marks the 32nd anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death. To honor the king, the costume of the week is the Elvis costumeelvis-r56238.  His white studded jumpsuit is the epitome of Vegas kitsch. You instantly feel a sense of showmanship when you put it on.

Elvis’ career began more than half a century ago in 1954. His musical style broke racial barriers while his dance moves pushed the boundaries of censorship. He created a pathway for teen rebellion and self expression that is the hallmark of rock music. Now 3 decades after his death his name and likeness are still synonymous with rock and roll, sex appeal and cool.

His great music and die-hard fans have forever engrained him as The King of Rock and Roll. Today, there are over 500 Elvis fan clubs in the United States alone. Las Vegas is home to the Elvis Museum and is overflowing with Elvis impersonators. There is even a chapel where you can be married by an Elvis priest. In Memphis, the birthplace of Elvis, there is Graceland, his home and final resting place, where some 600,000 visitors come each year to tour the mansion and pay tribute to his life. Worldwide, there are innumerable annual Elvis Festivals proving his relevance is still strong.

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