Costume SuperCenter’s Top 10 Halloween Costumes of 2010

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At Costume SuperCenter we have compiled the top 10 Halloween Costumes as voted by you. By votes I mean sales. The list is in order and is according to total sales for the year to date. The trends speak for themselves.

Like we suspected, Lady Gaga dominated the sexy women’s Halloween costume category and Alice in Wonderland came out on top with high sales for the Mad Hatter and the girl’s Queen of Hearts costume. Superheroes and Disney characters are consistent every year for kids. Super Mario is a best seller for boys every year we have offered it so it’s pleasing to see that the newly added girl’s Princess Peach costume made the top 10 as well. For the men, it is once again no surprise that Popeye made the list.

1.         Ariel Little Mermaid Standard Child Costume

2.         Toddler Spider Man Muscle Chest

3.         Lady Gaga Silver and Black Sequin Dress

4.         Girl’s Deluxe Super Mario Princess Peach

5.         Men’s Prestige Alice In Wonderland Movie Mad Hatter

6.         Iron Man Mark 6 Muscle Chest Costume

7.         Child Deluxe Super Mario Bros Mario Costume

8.         Girls Queen of Hearts Costume

9.         Men’s Popeye Costume

10.       The Batman Child Costume

It is interesting to see how we compare to the survey by the National Federation of Retailers which predicted Buzz Lightyear and Alice in Wonderland as the top Halloween Costumes for 2010. Not shown on our list, Buzz did happen to catch the #2 spot for the toddler category, behind Spidey.

Overall, Halloween costume spending was up as predicted by NFR proving that even though the recession is far from over, people still see the value in having a good time.