Costumes and Immigration – Show your Stance with Humor

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Halloween is a great time to show your political stance in a humorous way. People may not know if you are serious or seriously joking and that’s one of the things that make political costumes so great. If you wear a Sarah Palin Mask for Halloween are you a supporter or are you making fun of her? Hmmm. I suppose it depends on how your present yourself in your Halloween costume.

In looking at recent current events, there has been a lot of hubbub about this Arizona Immigration Law. Naturally I think of Mexican costumes and Border Patrol costumes. We’re certain that someone could make a very humorous statement with these Halloween costumes. If you wear them together with a friend you can call it the Law and Border Costume.

This horrible Arizona Law has a crazy number of supporters.  In fact, this Sunday there will be a rally in Arizona in support of the law. The rally will be the largest ever held on the US/Mexican Border. You better believe the Border Patrol will be there in full force to make sure no one is saying “Hey Amigo” to our Mexican neighbors.

Here’s more evidence on how you can turn this craziness into humor. Check out how the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart summed up his feeling when the law first passed:

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I have heard people say that immigration is the sincerest form of flattery so be proud America and lighten up. If you’ve got something to say, say it with humor rather than anger and make your Halloween costume say it for you.