Costumes Aren’t Just For Halloween

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Many people think that Halloween is the only time for adults to dress up. And then there’s the rare occasion when you’re invited to a masquerade ball. The very rare… But what about all the other days of your life? Who says you need an excuse to get into costume? One summer, I wore a geisha wig everywhere I went. Granted, I didn’t actually have a job at that time, but the point I’m trying to illustrate is that you can incorporate bits of whimsy into your every day life, and there’s no better way to do it then with left over costumes. Here’s some ideas for you.

Credit: thisRobot

Credit: thisRobot (Flickr)

Wig it!
Take my idea (and no, I’m not kidding, I actually did do it) and wear a wig for a while. No, not just any wig. A lot of people wear wigs. Make yours one that is obviously unnatural.
Credit: chispita_666

Credit: chispita_666 (Flickr)

Be prepared for unsolicited stares, but isn’t that what it’s all about? Expressing yourself and giving others permission to do the same. You may not be the exact definition of a freedom fighter because you’re wearing a blue wig, but you’re certainly pushing against the limits of what’s possible, and having fun in the process.
Live Long and Prosper
Credit: Jason Mouratides

Credit: Jason Mouratides (Flickr)


Who else thinks Star Trek rocks? Judging by their enduring franchise, I’d say a lot of people do. So, why not don your Star Trek uniform (or at least the shirt) on your next trip to the store? You’ll instantly feel smarter when comparing MP3 players, and probably command the respect of whatever trekkie is working behind the counter. Star Trek is not just a nerd thing, it’s a style, an era, an anthem! Wear it proud.
Surrender to the Nerd

Credit: Ed Bierman


This is a total costume that can pass as a normal outfit, depending on whether you have seen the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” before. This is one of the “inside joke” looks, and is an instant conversation starter. You certainly don’t need to have the curly hair to rock this look.
Bavarian Beauty

Credit: Heidologies


This is a wonderful look to incorporate into your everyday living. This look is probably still worn somewhere in Europe. Dressing up as a Bavarian maiden is a surprising and wholesome celebration of times past (and present, maybe). It’s not too severe, even if it is a costume. This look is perhaps the most palatable of all these suggestions because of its simplicity. It seems to be the most realistic, all the while holding on to the whimsy and silliness of costumes.
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