Top 10 Ways To Dress Through The Ages

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Are you sick and tired of your parents telling you about the Halloween costumes from “back in their day?” If so, what better what to learn about those looks than to imitate them?

At Costume SuperCenter, you’ll find an array of outfits, get-ups and accessories to keep you looking like you were around well before 2015. Check out some favorites in the list below!

Egyptian Costumes

egyptian costumes

All hail you when you step into a gorgeous black dress like Cleopatra, or hold your staff like a Pharaoh. These Egyptian costumes stand the test of time.

For more Egyptian looks – Click Here!

Greek & Roman Costumes

greek and roman costumes

As beautiful as Aphrodite and as strong as Athena, you, too, can join the rulers of Mount Olympus when you put on a flowing white gown like a Greek goddess. Or protect your land and your family in the helmet and kilt of a Spartan warrior.

For more Greek & Roman looks – Click Here!

Renaissance Costumes

renaissance costumes

Join the Renaissance Era of artists and actors with a Renaissance look from Costume SuperCenter. These are styles that Shakespeare would certainly have a few words about.

For more Renaissance looks – Click Here!

Colonial Costumes

colonial costumes

Boast your patriotic spirit this Halloween with a Colonial Costume. Imitate your favorite forefather, or dress like one of the women who paved the way for future females in America, like Betsy Ross and Martha Washington.

For more Colonial looks – Click Here!

Wild West Costumes

wild west costumes

In the Wild, Wild West, there are sure to be a few fashion showdowns. With the piano playing and drinks pouring, you’ll be ready to kick off your boots and stay awhile.

For more Wild West looks – Click Here for Cowboys and Click Here for Cowgirls!

20’s Costumes

gatsby costumes

You and your girls will be the cat’s pajamas in 1920’s inspired flapper costumes, and your beaus will be as tough as nails when they rock a fedora and some pinstripes. These costumes are as great as Gatsby!

For more 1920’s looks – Click Here!

50’s Costumes

1950s costumes

Summer lovin’ happens so fast. Nobody knows that better than the children of the 1950’s! Put on your poodle skirt and your Pink Ladies jacket this Halloween, and find a guy you can affectionately nickname Grease Lightnin’.

For more 1950’s looks – Click Here!

60’s Costumes

hippie costumes

Spread the peace signs and flower power when you express your hippie style. The 1960’s was a decade of love, man.

For more 1960’s looks – Click Here!

70’s Costumes

1970s costumes

Disco fever is contagious, and you’ll have no choice but to boogie the night away in a 1970’s-style jumpsuit! No horror villain will catch you this Halloween, because you’ll be too busy Stayin’ Alive.

For more 1970’s looks – Click Here!

80’s Costumes

1980s costumes

Big hair, bold colors and… Was big hair mentioned already? The 1980’s were all about letting your style go wild and free! From big tutus to off-the-shoulder tops, the 80’s look is crazy and fun!

For more 1980’s looks – Click Here!

decades costumes

Style and fashion are always changing and Halloween Costumes love to change with it. When it comes to October, few things are more fun than showing off all the incredible styles through time. With tons of costumes to cover an array of Popular Themes, Costume SuperCenter is the place to start!

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