Why CSC Loves the Internet: Week of 06/14


Every Friday, CSC makes a point to compile a short list including some of our favorite topics that were trending on the internet from the past week… Just in case you missed them. Here’s what we loved from the week of June 14th!


1. Celebrating Father’s Day via Television


Photo cred: likesuccess.com

Between BuzzFeed reminding us that nobody will ever be luckier in the Dad Department than the Dunphy’s, and our very own “Which 90’s TV Sitcom Dad Are You?” quiz, we’re loving celebrating Father’s Day by way of the tube.

2. Spider-Man Casting Speculation

Photo cred: moviepilot.com

Photo cred: moviepilot.com

Forget who’s playing Spider-Man in 2016’s Civil War – CSC is just psyched that the web slinger is going to be in the film at all. While some of us were keeping our fingers crossed for a Donald Glover-Miles Morales transformation, it looks like Tom Holland (The Impossible, How I Live Now) was coincidentally in Atlanta during the start of shooting this week.

3. #Prattkeeping

Photo cred: happyplace.someecards.com

Photo cred: happyplace.someecards.com

We all knew that Jurassic World would do humongous numbers at the box office after its release last Friday, but could anyone have predicted the amazing meme that would come of the franchise’s reboot and its star, Chris Pratt? #Prattkeeping is our new favorite thing, and with good reason.

4. Honest Trailers – Toy Story

While we don’t agree with the harsh biographical description of everybody’s favorite cowboy, Woody, it’s hard not to laugh at Screen Junkies’ latest video regarding the 1995 classic Toy Story. Our favorite line? “Return to a simpler time when kids only had toys and imaginations to play with for a movie that would be all about a boy and his iPad if it came out today.”

5. Add-ING


Photo cred: James Chapman

Thanks to Reddit, a new phenomenon has come about where people are turning the nouns from their favorite movie titles into verbs via the three letters “-ing.” English illustrator James Chapman took these ideas from imaginations and turned them into images for all of us to enjoy.

So… Who’s going as Ironing Man this Halloween?