Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial

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Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial

We all thought that we would get to see the rising of the Dark Phoenix this year, but re-shoots pushed production on X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the release is set for February 14, 2019. Yeah that’s right. Valentine’s day 💕. (EDIT! The premiere date was pushed again to June 7th) We’re thinking it won’t be Jean Grey’s scorching powers bringing the heat to the theaters but the red hot romance between Scott Summers and Jean might be setting the silver screen ablaze. We’ll see. Marvel is keeping the details close to the chest and we don’t even have a trailer to help us speculate further. According to some very spoilery info from reddit maybe the film will be a story about more than just romantic love but the love of family and friends too. Sci-fi, action, drama and romance? We’ll be here waiting.

Meanwhile, Halloween has almost arrived. So we asked Uncanny Megan to help Dark Phoenix rise up with a step by step cosplay tutorial. We know not everyone wants to buy their X-Men Halloween Costumes, so this helpful guide will walk you through the steps to creating a Dark Phoenix costume that is 🔥🔥🔥! The photos of final look below all taken by @jlunasin.

This tutorial is for a Dark Phoenix costume! There are lots of variations in designs and lots of ways to make them, but this is the route I chose to take!

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 1

I started by drawing up a pattern using Meredith Placko’s bodysuit pattern as a base. (You can e-mail her for it!) McCall’s M7269 bodysuit pattern would also work here, I just wanted to avoid side-seams.

For my fabric, I chose some regular red and black spandex as well as metallic gold spandex.

Taking my newly drawn pattern pieces, I pinned them down to their respective colors and cut each piece out.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 2

The first thing I did with my sewing machine attached the black pieces to the red. I did this by facing each piece right side in against it’s matching piece, pinning, and sewing it into place with a zig-zag stitch.

The next step was attaching to gold “glove” and “boot” pieces. I folded over the edge of each piece and pinned it down. Then, I used a zig-zag stitch to topstitch it into place.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 3

For the glove, I decided to go for a fingerless look so I would be able to easily use my hands in this costume. To do this, I folded over the edge just like before, with the addition of a loop of elastic at the end to help hold the dip against my hand, and sewed the hem into place.

Next, I sewed the shoulders together in preparation for attaching the collar.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 4

Once the shoulders had been sewn, I took my collar piece, folded it in half (right side out), and attached it to the neck of the suit.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 5

My next step was adding the zipper. I did this by pinning it in place and sewing it down with a zipper foot.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 6

After the zipper had been sewn in, I pinned the back seam together and sewed it shut.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 7

Now it was time to close up the suit! Laying the costume down, inside-out, I pinned and sewed from the bottom of one foot, up to the crotch, and down to the bottom of the other foot.

In a similar fashion, I sewed up the sleeves.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 8

Before attaching the sleeves to the bodysuit, I took the black V part of my pattern and used it to draw up an appropriately sized pattern piece for the Phoenix emblem.

Then, I cut my new emblem out of the gold spandex, and carefully top-stitched it into place.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 9

Once that part was out of the way, I pinned and sewed my sleeves on, completing the bodysuit portion of the costume.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial Step 10

The final piece of construction for this costume was the sash, which I mad by creating a very long rectangle of gold spandex. To do this, I cut out two rectangular strips and sewed them together to make a double length piece. I then folded it in half, right side in, and sewed the long edge shut, leaving the two shorter ends open.

Afterward, I flipped in the newly made tube inside out (or really, inside in), placed the seam line in the center, and folded the two ends in towards each other, then pinning and sewing them together.

Dark Phoenix Cosplay Tutorial

After I finished all my crafting, all that was left was a wig and shoes. I ordered a red wig online as well as a pair of clear heels to use with my newly made bodysuit.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helps you make your very own Dark Phoenix costume!

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