Celebrating Disney-Pixar’s Best Friends

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With The Good Dinosaur, slated to open nationwide on November 25, moviegoers can start to get excited about meeting a duo that might be Disney-Pixar’s unlikeliest best friends to date.

Costume SuperCenter wants to take you into the past, as we review and reminisce about the animated teammates that stole our hearts well before Arlo the Apatosaurus could even dream of meeting the human caveboy, Spot.

Woody & Buzz Lightyear; Toy Story

toy story

Who would have thought that a Cowboy and a Space Ranger could have so much in common? Woody and Buzz were just two toys bonding over their love for their owner Andy, and started a revolution in the process. 15 Disney-Pixar movies and two Toy Story sequels later, this pair of pals is now a pair of household names. Guess you can say they reached for the sky.

Flik & Heimlich; A Bug’s Life

a bug's life

When Flik first proposed to overthrow Hopper and the other grasshoppers who bullied the ants into labor for food, most of his colony laughed at him. It wasn’t until he was banished by Princess Atta and encountered another insect along his journey – Heimlich the catepillar – that he musters enough courage to stand up to the grasshoppers and save his fellow bugs.

Mike Wazowski & Sulley; Monsters, Inc.

monsters inc

Similar to how great boxers have loud-mouthed promoters, Sulley had Mike Wazowski. The former, a Monsters University graduate and the reigning screams record holder, always kept Wazowski around to aid in his preparation of scaring and the occasional boost of confidence. Together, the two essentially raised a child (Boo), and changed the city of Monstropolis as its residents knew it.

Marlin & Dory; Finding Nemo

finding nemo

Parents will go to great lengths for their children, and in Marlin’s case specifically, “great lengths” means befriending a sometimes-annoying, often-forgetful, but always-charming hepatus fish like Dory. As a team, Marlin and Dory overcame a bale of sea turtles, a trio of blood-thirsty sharks and a squadron of seagulls in order to save the clown fish’s only son, Nemo. As a bonus, they provided a generation with amazing advice for all tough situations: just keep swimming.

Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible & Lucius Best/Frozone; The Incredibles

the incredibles

While one could argue that Mr. Incredible’s best friends are his the members of his superhero family, but it was his former crime-fighting partner Frozone who encouraged him to continue working late nights after his day job as a vigilante. With Incredible possessing super-strength and limited invulnerability, and Frozone’s ability to form ice from humidity in the air, the pair made for more than just best friends – they were crime-fighting’s dynamic duo.

Lightning McQueen & Mater; Cars


Some friends are good at lifting your spirits, and others are good at bringing you back to Earth when you’re letting your successes get the best of you. Mater, maybe unknowingly, was proficient at both. When Lightning McQueen, a flashy race car, found himself lost in Radiator Springs, it was the beaten-up and broken-down tow truck that helped him get back on track.

Remy & Alfredo Linguini; Ratatouille


Much like Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket to serve as his conscience, Alfredo Linguini had Remy to serve as his confidence. With the rat underneath his chef’s hat, there was nothing that Alfredo couldn’t cook. Together, the team helped each other realize their personal goals, and proved that having a rat in the kitchen isn’t always a bad thing.



Life must be tough on an abandoned, waste-covered Earth, but when WALL-E met EVE, he instantly fell in love and followed her into outer space. Little did either of them know that it would change the destiny of both his kind and humanity as a whole. We’d say that counts for friendship.

Carl Fredericksen & Russell; Up


After the death of his wife Ellie, Carl Frederickson could have given up. Instead, he took her “find your own adventure” advice and took his house from the ground by way of 10,000 balloons. It was then that he found good company and made a new friend in Russell, who opened his mind – and his heart – and gave him the time of his life.

Merida & Queen Elinor; Brave


As a child, Merida witnesses a demon-bear take the left leg of her father, King Fergus. As a teen, she refuses her father’s wishes to marry, and her mother, Queen Elinor, is transformed into a bear, due to a witch’s curse of pride. Together, the mom-and-daughter tandem take on the bear who changed her father’s life, proving the curse to be a blessing in disguise, and that no best friend can compare to a great mother.

Joy & Sadness; Inside Out

inside out

Talk about unlikely – these best friends have names that literally have opposite meanings from each other. One of 11-year old Riley Andersen’s emotions, Joy, takes another, Sadness, on an adventure to ultimately help the girl adapt to her recent move, new school and the opportunity to make new friends. Like Woody and Buzz from Disney-Pixar’s first film, the studios’ most recent blockbuster sees the common ground of caring for another that brings two new characters together.

Spot & Arlo; The Good Dinosaur

the good dinosaur

On November 25, 2015, Disney-Pixar will introduce audiences everywhere to a young dinosaur and his pet caveboy. Only time will tell the adventures that these two take.

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