DIY Commercial Characters Costumes

There’s something about memorable commercials that we all love. When they make you laugh, and they’re creative, we’re all more than happy to put the remote down and forget about fast forwarding through the advertisements to get a little more entertainment. There’s a reason that some commercial time slots are so expensive. We all eat those up.

With Halloween just a few days away, Costume SuperCenter put together some easy to do, DIY costumes for everyone’s favorite commercial characters. This year, you can tell everyone about your khakis and dress as Jake, from State Farm, or look ready to cause a little Mayhem, like you’re in an All State commercial!

Jake, from State Farm

Jake Fiinal

What you need:

Red polo shirt | Khakis | Phone | Nametag

We hope you like late night phone calls because with a few things you’re all set to be up on the phone with customers all night. Just tell them about your khakis and you’re good to go.

Jake pieces

Flo, from Progressive

Flo final

What you need:

White polo shirt | White apron | Brown wig
Headband | Lipstick | White Pants

Prepare the masses for the savings they’re about to have, and do it in the friendliest way possible. You’re just a few pieces away from becoming Flo!

Flo pieces

The Most Interesting Man in the World, from Dos Equis

Most Interesting Final

What you need:

Velvet suit jacket | Black pants | White dress shirt
Hair whitener | Dos Equis bottle

Unbutton that top button and prepare yourself for the crowds that will flock to you from all across the world.*

*Actual ability to be interesting not included.

Man pieces

Lily, from AT&T

Lily final

What you need:

Blue dress shirt | Khaki pants | Nametag

Toss on your blue shirt and you’re ready to help everyone out with their cell phone related problems. There’s no one who’s as ready to manage a store than you as Lily!

Lily pieces

Larry “The Football Doctor” Culpepper, from Dr. Pepper

Larry final

What you need:

White polo shirt | Headphones | Sport sunglasses
Visor | Arm bands | Serving tray | Dr. Pepper

After you toss this one on, make sure you’re letting everyone know about that awesome epiphany you had that culminated in the birth of the College Football Playoff. Leave no hand left with a Dr. Pepper!

Larry pieces

Mayhem, from All State

Mayhem final

What you need:

Black suit jacket | White dress shirt | Black tie
Butterfly bandages | Makeup

With just a few pieces, you’re on your way to causing mayhem in all sorts of ways. Who knows, you might even inspire someone to get some extra coverage on their plan!

Mayhem pieces

Hurry, if you get to your television quickly, you might even catch one of these looks in action! Make sure you take the time to study their movements and personalities so you can totally nail your costume this Halloween. If these DIYs are making you want to try to pursue a career in television, make sure you take a look at the selection of celebrity and TV & movie costumes from Costume SuperCenter!

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