Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously!

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We’re all saddles with stereo-types. People constantly label each other. Sometimes these labels are accurate, and sometimes they are way off-base. No matter what label you’ve been given, you can find a way to make fun of it– in costume! People call you a gold digger, paint yourself in gold and carry a shovel. People call you immoral, dress up like a nun. By the way, I’m not equating nuns with immorality, but I think dressing up in something totally different that your perceived persona further emphasizes it.

Lydia the Tattooed Lady


Do people look at you like a rebel, or an unconventional person? Well, here’s a way to make fun of those labels, without doing anything permanent. Slip into a tattoo body suit, and have a lot of friend. This costume is great if you like to play pranks on others, also. No costume party needed. Want to shock your mom or dad? Just wear the tattoo body suit underneath your regular clothes. It is guaranteed to surprise!

Beer Can Dan


Are you that guy who always has a beer in hand? Do you wake up most weekend mornings with a severe hangover? If you indulge in one too many beers, but don’t really have a problem, here’s the perfect costume for you. Trust me, other people notice when you drink too much, so why not don a costume that signifies your awareness?

Bun in the Oven


This is a great way to spread the news of your pregnancy, especially if you’re looking for a cute way to say it. Beyond that, if you’ve ever received the “you’re always pregnant” comment, then this is a unique way to embody the joke. You don’t have to be pregnant to wear this costume, but of course, it does help.

Trailer Park King


This costume goes without saying. It’s hilarious, and can be worn by anyone who wants to add a humorous slant to humble beginnings.

The Trophy Wife


Wow! What will they think up next? This costume is super inventive. It will definitely poke fun at your image, especially if you’re considerably younger than your husband. You know that’s what they think about you! I’m still not sure how you walk around in this costume, but I do know there’s a lot of posing involved. This one is my favorite.

Which one of these strikes your fancy? Or do you have any other suggestions?

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