Do’s and Don’ts of Comic Book Costumes

By March 13, 2009 In the News 9 Comments

In this 2 part series, we’ll discuss what should and should not happen when assuming the identity of a comic book character. In part 1, we’ll focus on women. When it comes to comic book characters, women are particularly vulnerable to choosing the wrong costume, or not fully committing to the look. The wrong costume can be defined as one that does not flatter your body, and one that does not flatter your personality. Let’s face it, we can’t all be Cat Woman, but that doesn’t stop some of us from trying. Here are people who should not have tried:

Credit: Philip Ng (Flickr)

Don’t put goggles on catwoman. Cats don’t wear goggles.

Credit: Antonio Fucito (Flickr)

Likewise, cats don’t wear sneakers. Or play guitar. Don’t get out of character when in costume, it confuses people. I can’t tell you how long I stared at this photo.

Credit: Master Scorpion (Flickr)

Don’t try to be Cat Woman if you’re a man. Leather is very unforgiving.
Aside from Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, there are no examples of a successfully carried out Cat Woman costume. Please let me know if you find any. I hope I’m wrong about this.
When it comes to Wonder Woman, every woman thinks she fits the bill, which was sadly the case here:

Credit: Master Scorpion (Flickr)

When you wear this costume, don’t allow yourself to be compared to any other woman, and for goodness’ sakes, don’t take a picture next to her.

Credit: Official Star Wars Blog (Flickr)

Something tells me those people in the background aren’t impressed. Wearing a red bra and junior-sized underwear does not make you Wonder Woman. Do invest in more fabric. Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman was much sexier than this wannabe, because she left a lot more to the imagination. Although Wonder Woman showed a lot of leg, part of her mystique was in keeping some things covered.
Speaking of Mystique…
This is the wrong way to do it:

Credit: Mike Goren (Flickr)

And this is the correct way to do it:

Credit: Jason Mouratides (Flickr)

I’m sure you can see the big difference between these two costumes, it’s in the makeup. The dress looks strikingly similar, but the blue paint is oh, so wrong. One person looks like an undead Smurf, and the other looks like a heartless killer. The woman in the second photo wisely purchased a blue skin suit. Do follow this example. Instead of smudging blue paint all over your white dress, buy a skin suit and save yourself some agony. Can you imagine how long it must’ve taken to wipe that paint off?
Don’t be this girl:

Credit: Master Scorpion (Flickr)

The problem here is the unidentifiable nature of her costume. If people look at you and 1) can’t tell who you are at first glance; 2) see your muffin top hanging over your skirt; or 3) see your tan lines, you’re not wearing the right costume. I’m sure she’s a nice girl, but this costume isn’t doing her any favors.
Don’t wear the right costume to the wrong place, as seen here:

Credit: jenniferlstoddart

I’m quite sure guns are not permitted at the workplace. This is otherwise a great costume, in keeping with the Tomb Raider/ Lara Croft style. Here’s another example of the Tomb Raider costume done right:

Credit: Superbeast

Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll discuss do’s and don’ts for men in comic book costumes. What suggestions do you have to offer to this list?