Dreamgirl Costumes offer Versatile Styles for Added Value

By September 1, 2010 In the News No Comments

Dreamgirl costumes from Costume SuperCenter are versatile Halloween costumes that will completely transform you in a matter of seconds. It gives to the chance to get a lot of wearability out of one costume. They have three options: Quick Change Costumes, Reversible Costumes and Versitile Costumes. Faster than Clark Kent can step into a phone booth and step out as Superman you can go from one look to another. There is no need to carry around a bag with a change of clothes. Everything you need to complete your transformation is already on you.

The Quick Change Costume concept is two completely different costumes in one. In a few simple steps you can go from Gangster to Gorgeous Flapper, a costume that goes from a black pinstripe dress and gangster hat to a hot pink flapper costume with a sequins headband. You have to see it to believe it. It’s so easy that it takes only seconds.

Reversible costumes help you get more bang for your buck.  You can get two costumes for the price of one, The Happily Every After Red Riding Hood and Dorothy Costume comes with a dress that is red gingham on one side and blue gingham on the other. It comes with accessories that go with both outfits.

A third option is the Versitile Costume. This doesn’t transform from one costume or another but it does give you many different ways to wear the same costume. We especially love the Sexy Hocus Pocus Six in One Witch Costume. The sexy black dress can be quickly adjusted to give you six completely different necklines: wide halter, strap halter, high neck halter, one shoulder, strapless and v-neck with cap sleeves.

With any of these costumes you can go into the ladies room one way and emerge with a whole new look. It will keep your friends guessing and give added value to your costume. With just one costume you can go so several parties and look like you spent a fortune of costumes when all you did was make a really smart purchase.