Dressing for a 70s party

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I grew up in the 1970’s. What I remember most about the 70s was that every time I turned around, someone was having a 50s party, where everyone would wear bobby socks and saddle shoes. I didn’t understand the fascination, or people’s tendency to spend so much time looking over their shoulders trying to relive an era that was gone.


At the time, the 70s seemed pretty bland and non-descript to me, and I couldn’t imagine that people would eventually have 70s parties.

Well, guess what? Lately I’m hearing of exactly that. We 70s survivors didn’t wear anything as interesting as bobby socks and saddle shoes.

Or did we?

I’ll think a little harder. What could someone wear to a 70s party?

If I close my eyes and walk down memory lane, off the top of my head, I remember:

Bell bottomed pants
Leisure suits
Mini skirts
Huge Afros and LONG hair. The Shag.
Eye-catching dangling earrings
Tie-dye shirts, scarves…well tie-dye everything!
Flower power

Yes, the early 70s was full of mini-skirts and long hair. When dressing for a 70s party, a couple might want to dress up as Sonny and Cher. A woman could impersonate Nancy Sinatra with her white boots. Men could wear thick mustaches and headbands to hold their long hair under control. A popular 70s costume for men is the pimp costume. Dress in a colorful suit, add a mustache, sideburns, and lots of rings, and your costume is complete.

By the late 70s there were three-inch platform shoes and flashy disco outfits. Disco fever was born. Some people think the 70s were all about disco, but it really was only a tiny piece of it.

If you don’t have memories of the 70s, or if your memories of this memorable decade are failing you, here’s a small clip of 70s fashion:

To dress for a 70s party, you might want to wear peace sign earrings or necklace. Beads were very popular back then too. Couples liked to dress in matching outfits. In fact, there was a trend toward unisex clothes.

Okay, the 70s were a lot more interesting than I remember.

What would you wear to a 70s party?

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