Dust Your Shoes, Sir?

By March 31, 2009 In the News No Comments

A couple of my favorite girls and I were out on our monthly date to catch up on the latest gossip last week. Of course you know the convo found its way over to the topic of our men… Ok, and men in general; we are women after all. There was this one thing we kept joking around about and teasing Tracey all night over. As it turns out one of her husband’s favorite chores for her is cleaning the house…as a French Maid.

So Tracey has complained more than once that her love life hits a lull. She decided to come up with ways to spice it up and made the decision to start dressing up around the house to do different things, like cleaning house as a French Maid.

One day when Tony came home after a long day at work Tracey greeted hi at the door with a beer and a cigar. She said he was a little thrown by it all but after he got over the silly feeling really quick after she sat him down in the “King’s chair” as he calls it, Tracey calls it his “sit down and shut up chair” LOL, and took out the feather duster. It must have been the way she moved the dust feather that calmed the feeling of “this is silly”…yeah right. I’m sure it wasn’t the feather duster he was looking at.

Tracey said while she was dusting she would call Tony Sir and speak with her best French accent. She said it wasn’t long before she could tell Tony was getting anxious for a little hanky panky with the hired help! She said his breaking point was when she “slinked” her way over to him, and yes she said slinked her way over, and asked ever so Frenchy as she bent down making sure she was slipping him a “ready? look”, “Dust your shoes sir?” LOL…she said that was his breaking point.

This is totally out of character for my friend Tracey. I figure if she can do this any body can! Have you ever done anything like this? Have you ever bought a French Maid costume to help heat things up around the house?