Faces Behind the Masks: Brian Austad

Faces Behind the Masks: Brian Austad

brian austad

Costume SuperCenter’s latest venture is to proudly display the team of individuals who dedicate themselves to the company, and a Halloween-inspired mindset year-round. Once a month, our blog will highlight a face behind the mask, giving our customers a better idea of from whom they’re buying.

brian austadBrian Austad, a puppy-father of two yellow labs and a real dad of two little girls, is the Senior SEO Specialist at Costume SuperCenter, and his primary responsibilities include marketing for and maintaining the website. While he says that his first job is parenting and “no other experience compares to seeing your children laugh and smile,” he admits that he does love his job at CSC, mainly because the company is never afraid of trying something new.

A huge movie buff, Brian lists some of his favorites as American Psycho and The Avengers, and prides himself on getting his wife to enjoy watching the American sports classic Miracle. In his free time, he uses his skills in web design, graphics and photography to assist smaller businesses with his own company.

As a child, his preferred costume was a clown.

“I wore a silly outfit with suspenders, a colorful afro wig, and over-sized sunglasses,” says Austad. “Putting on the face paint was always the best part, though. I don’t know how many times I was a clown for Halloween… But it was a lot.”

Brian has since acquired a more expensive sense of style.