Faces Behind the Masks: Brittany DeMauro

Faces Behind the Masks: Brittany DeMauro


Recently, Costume SuperCenter decided to begin displaying members of our team who dedicate themselves to the company, and a Halloween-inspired mindset year-round. On the first Monday of every month, our blog will highlight a face behind the mask, giving our customers a better idea of from whom they’re buying.

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Brittany DeMauro’s official title is “Social Media & Internet Marketing Analyst,” but she’s well-aware that her job doesn’t stop there.

She started with Costume SuperCenter in 2012 as a copywriting intern, and is now responsible for replying to all inquiries that get posted on CSC’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts (so be nice). When she’s not doing that, she helps to make sure our site is user-friendly and visually appealing as a member of the SEO team.

An obsessive Netflix binge-watcher, Brittany is an ideal fit for the CSC office, as she proudly notes Halloween as her favorite holiday, and pop culture knowledge as one of her stronger suits.

Brittany, who claims she would dress up every day if it were socially acceptable, has one particular product from the CSC inventory that she holds near and dear.

“If I had to pick one item from our inventory, it would have to be our Unicorn Kigurumi. I own it, literally and figuratively. Don’t put it past me to show up at a winter convention while wearing it. It gets cold in New Jersey!”