Faces Behind the Masks: Lara Burke

Faces Behind the Masks: Lara Burke


One of Costume Supercenter’s most recent ventures is profiling the members of our team, as they dedicate themselves and their mindsets to Halloween 365 days a year. On the first Monday of every month, the CSC blog will display one face behind our many masks, giving our customers a better feel of from whom they’re buying.

lara burke

If you think that the words on our store’s website just magically appear, you couldn’t be more wrong. Lara Burke, the Costume SuperCenter content manager leads our content writing staff, ensuring that all products have descriptions and all pages have content.

She claims that her favorite part about working in the Costume SuperCenter office is that the bond between coworkers lessens the stress, and never doubts her colleagues’ ability to make her laugh.

Outside of work, Lara cherishes her 19-year marriage and 17-year old daughter. Together, her family enjoys spending time together taking part in activities like golf and swimming, watching her favorite movies Jaws and Forrest Gump, and vacationing in the Happiest Place on Earth, Walt Disney World.

This lover of horses and 80’s power ballads loves a variety of the costumes in stock at Costume SuperCenter, but often times prefers looks of the the DIY variety.

“A costume that I would love to do is to wear is our Marie Antoinette gown and wig,
said Burke, “but I’d love to cover it in blood and have my makeup done to look like my head has been severed.”