Five Facts: Vampires and their Alluring History

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Five Facts About the Legend of the Vampire

The legend of vampires has been alive and well for centuries. Actually long before Edward sparkled his way into Bella’s heart during Twilight. In ancient lore and literature all the way through today’s pop-culture, vampires have been a topic of fascination. They are some of the coolest creatures to ever be seen in movies and gothic tales. We’re not just talking about their attitudes, their body temperature is equal to a cadaver in cold storage. Chilling like a villain much?

With Halloween right around the corner, you can bring them to life for the night.  Browse through our huge selection of vampire halloween costumes to find your perfect Transylvania style, one that will surely make Count Dracula seem like an amateur.

In the spirit of the ghoulish night of the year, we’ve put together an awesome list of fun-facts that make up these nocturnal beings. So, put a necklace filled with garlic around your neck as you read along; you are surely going to need it.

Five Facts About the Legend of the Vampire

  1. The Real Deal: It’s known in ancient times that there was actually a real-life vampire that used to roam the Earth.  His name was Vlad of Walachia, who was also known as “Vlad the Impaler.”  The Impaler had a habit of nailing hats to people’s heads and on stakes, hence where he got his name.  Another one of his odd and creepy habits was dipping bread into the blood of his foes and eating it. Pretty Hannibal Lecter-esque.  It gets better.  His first name, Vlad means “son of the dragon” or “Dracula”. Starting to make sense now? He died in 1476, however rumor has it is that his tomb has been reported empty.
  2. Vampire’s Undead Cousins: Vampires are not the only creepy critters walking around at night being undead. While vampires and zombies are both petrifying, they also have very distinct differences.  Zombies tend to have lower IQs than the Count, and they also prefer the brains and flesh of their victims.  We bet you like that visual! They also have a mirror reflection and are completely immune to garlic, which of course vampires are not. Vampires are also known to move much faster than zombies, considering their muscles and the rest of their body aren’t deteriorating like their undead cousins.
  3. What to Do if Ever Bit by a Vampire: When it comes to the legends, if someone was ever bitten by a vampire, or a suspected one, they should drink the ashes of another burned vampire.  To prevent a vampire attack, a person should also bake bread with the blood of a vampire and eat it.
  4. Their Ghostly Image: If you were to ever witness a vampire in the flesh, they are typically emerged as a soft, almost opaque and blurry figure with no structure.  Once your curiosity got the best of you and you moved closer to this figure, it will become much more clear and evident what you are looking at! By that time, it could be too late if you don’t have any repellent handy.
  5. Blood-Sucking Foods: Some religions, like Balkans for example, have a belief that certain foods like pumpkins or watermelons will become vampires if they are not consumed by Christmas. One small drop of blood on the skin of these fruits is considered a sign that they will eventually turn into vampires. However, no one ever feared them, considering the edible delights don’t have teeth! So no need to worry about that.

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