Five Facts: Disney Princesses [Infographic]

Disney Princess Infographic

Whether it was in a tale as old as time, or a journey under the sea, an innovator named Walt Disney once had a dream of bringing life, and song, to some of the most memorable princesses the world would ever see.

All these years later, Disney is responsible for a whole slew of household names, and with good reason. Those names include Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel and Belle. Since 1938, he’s been the creative genius behind the inception of some of history’s most beloved and revered royalty. Since we love Disney Princess costumes,Costume SuperCenter wanted to take you through some of our favorite Disney Princess movies just to remind you exactly what make each of them so memorable.

Disney Princess Facts Infographic

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Whether a dream is a wish your heart makes, or you prefer to do your wishing in a well, there’s a Disney Princess for everyone. Be sure to check out the Disney Princess looks at Costume SuperCenter.

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