Five Reasons to Dress Up Your Pet

By February 24, 2009 In the News No Comments

Should you put your pet in costume? I’m sure there are arguments both for and against dressing up your pet, but as a costume-lover, I happen to believe that you should dress up your pet. Of course, you have to consider the personality of your own pet. Some are more reserved than others. Some spend their lives hiding under the bed and avoiding people. But for the most part, I think dressing up pets is great.

Photo by Sharon Terry

Photo by: Sharon Terry

Here are some reasons why:

Pets want to be part of the action.

Whatever you’re doing, your pet probably wants to be doing it too. Especially if you’re throwing a costume party, I think your pet wants to participate in the fun.

Pets like to play.

Most pets want to do anything that resembles playing. Animals sense your mood, and if you think dressing up is fun, they will too.

Pets like variety in their life.

Face it – a pet’s life can be boring. For example, a house cat gets up in the morning, eats and sleeps. Chances are she hopes for a little time cuddling with you. She may look for a sunny window to nap in. One day is pretty much the same as the next. Any day that something new and exciting happens must be a good day.

Pets want attention from you.

What’s great about owning a pet is that you get to experience unconditional love every single day. And nothing is more rewarding to your pet than getting some of your attention.

Pets want to please you.

Pets live for pleasing their owners. The sun rises and sets around you. So it’s a pretty safe bet that if dressing them up makes you happy, it makes them happy too.

OK, I admit, I am partial to dressing up. I love to dress up and I love to dress up my pets.

How do you feel about putting your pets in costume?