Classic Monsters FREE Printable Coloring Pages

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Classic Monsters Coloring Pages

There are a few Halloween costume designs that will absolutely never fade from the options available in stores and online every year. We’d bet the haunted mansion on it. Yeah, there are plenty of new costumes that pop up every Autumn too but only time will tell which of these will withstand the years… or decades. But there are the classics have been around for generations- Frankenstein, witch, werewolf, mummy, vampire and the skeleton costumes are all here to stay.

We are helping to further cement their everlasting status by adding these 6 Classic Monsters coloring pages into the archives of the internet to preserve for all future humans forever more. Feel free to download and save for printing at home. Color in the designs to breath life back into these beloved cursed characters.

For a great treat that isn’t as sweet stock up on 12 packs of mini crayons to add to Trick-or-Treater’s bags this Halloween with these coloring pages.


Frankenstein Coloring Page

Frakenstein Coloring PageThis guy’s been moaning his way into our pitchfork-wielding hearts for ages.

Vampire Coloring Page

Vampire Coloring PageFangs a lot for all the centuries of making capes look so good!

Witch Coloring Page

Witch Coloring PageThe witch look is 🔥 but not like at the stake or anything

Skeleton Coloring Page

Skeleton Coloring PAgeThe skeleton look takes bone-chilling to the next level. No skin, ya know?

Werewolf Coloring Page

Werewolf Coloring PageA werewolf costume is always a savage choice.

Mummy Coloring Page

Mummy Coloring PageThe secret tombs of the ancient Egyptians couldn’t keep mummies hidden forever, but we’ll see them as costumes for eternity.

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