Green Costumes for Earth Day

By April 19, 2012 In the News No Comments

This beautiful, big blue marble we call Earth has been around for billions of years but it needs our help so it can last a billion more. Earth Day was created in 1970 to be a day of awareness about environmental issues. You can celebrate Earth Day in costume to spread awareness about recycling, alternative energy, sustainability, conservation, the threat of deforestation and so much more.

Earth Day is marked with rallies, parades, and the largest organized fundraiser called Picnic for the Planet, hailed as, “the world’s largest and most delicious Earth Day celebration”.  These green costumes will bring you in tune with nature and help get your message across with humor.

Mother Nature is the Queen of Green. She should hold a place of honor at Picnic for the Planet.

Even the littlest children can learn a few things on Earth Day, like how flowers need fresh air, sunlight and clean water to grow.

We must embrace all of nature, even weeds like Poison Ivy, because every living thing has a special purpose on this Earth.

Even plants that are controversial are a vital part of the eco system. If you support the use of plants for their medicinal value, the Fun Leaf Fairy costume would be one that you could wear for Earth Day.

Not all green costumes are bright and earthy. Some will even show the ill effects of pollution on our trees like this costume.

On April 22, show your support for our planet. Pick up any litter if you see it, plant a tree, recycle, repurpose and get attention while doing it in a green costume for Earth Day