Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy [Infographic]

Guardians of the Galaxy Infographic

When the universe is in danger from forces that are out of the control of the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and X-Men, there’s only one group that can be of any assistance: The Guardians of the Galaxy. The galaxy’s greatest collaboration team of superheroes might just be the most motley crew of all, but they’re constantly on alert and always have good intentions. No matter how many super suits show up when it’s time to fight the Infinity War or or some intergalactic goddess like Ayesha, there’s always the dependable Peter Quill, or Star Lord, to hold the team together.

Costume SuperCenter wanted to celebrate the original five Guardians by putting together some fun facts about them. These five are the the five who originally formed the team, and they’ve since been able to draw in the big names like Mantis. Before you go see Vol. 2, brush up on these familiar faces from the first installment!

Guardians of the Galaxy Infographic

  • 1. Star Lord
    – Real Name: Peter Jason Quill
    – Species: Human/Spartoi
    – Height/Weight: 6’2″, 175 lbs
    – First Appearance: Marvel Preview #4 (January 1976)
  • Gamora
    – Real Name: Gamora
    – Species: Zen-Whoberis
    – Height/Weight: N/A
    – First Appearance: Strange Tales #180 (June 1975)
  • Drax the Destroyer
    – Real Name: Arthur Sampson Douglas
    – Species: Human/Kronos Prototype
    – Height/Weight: 6’4″, 680 lbs
    – First Appearance: Iron Man #55 (February 1973)
  • Rocket Raccoon
    – Real Name: Peter Jason Quill
    – Species: Genetically-modified mammal
    – Height/Weight: 4′, 55 lbs
    – First Appearance: Marvel Preview #7 (Summer 1976)
  • Groot
    – Real Name: Groot
    – Species: Flora colossus
    – Height/Weight: 23′, 8,000 lbs
    – First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #13 (November 1960)

Now that you’re reminiscing about the beginnings of the Guardians of the Galaxy, try dressing up as them! Costume SuperCenter’s selection of Guardians costumes is sure to help you pay homage to the Earth’s greatest heroes!

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