Costume SuperCenter’s Ultimate Halloween Candy Power Rankings

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Every journey has a destination, and Halloween is no different. While finding the perfect costume can certainly be considered the journey, the destination for all children on October 31st is a pillow case filled with candy. Even more specifically, though, the destination is a pillow case filled with good candy.

Halloween is a holiday that celebrates quality, not quantity. What’s better; ten king size packages of candy corn or one fun size Snickers bar? The answer is an obvious one, and has been since the idea of knocking on a stranger’s door for sweets became socially acceptable. What’s better than that? Getting candy dressed in a candy costume! Costume SuperCenter has decided to rank the most popular Halloween candies so you know just how good of a Halloween you really had.

10. Candy Corn

candy corn

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If it wasn’t for some weird tradition, this probably wouldn’t have even made the list. Why is candy corn even associated with Halloween? If your trick-or-treat bag has more than one package of candy corn, consider your night a failure.

9. Blow Pops


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Lollipops, and specifically Blow Pops, are delicious. The only real downfall to these is that it prevents you from binge eating your loot. Consuming a Blow Pop means you’re committing (at LEAST) five minutes to one piece of candy, unless you’re a biter.

8. Tootsie Rolls

tootsie rolls

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It was only a matter of time before chocolate made its first appearance on the list. Tootsie Rolls are confusing, though, because they give you all of the chocolate-y goodness that you’re hoping for on Halloween, but they also provide that weird taffy-like texture. There are better chocolates.

7. Nerds


Nerds, while delicious, are messy. They aren’t melt in your hands and get them smeared all over your face messy. They’re more like so small that you’ll drop half the box without even knowing it, and find nerds all over your car for a full year messy. Throw on a pair of glasses and you can be a Nerd, too!

6. Skittles


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Skittles are like a less-healthy version of fruit snacks. You’re given a wonderful, fruit-flavored variety, while each circle still provides you with enough sugar to ensure your imminent crash, just hours after you shove a fistful of them into your mouth. Go ahead; taste the rainbow.

5. Milky Way

milky way

A Milky Way is basically a caramel and nougat sandwich with a milk chocolate outside in lieu of bread. Whoever decided to make varieties like the dark chocolate and caramel apple versions, too, absolutely changed the game.

4. M&M’s

mnm costume

Like Skittles, but not really. They’re aesthetically pleasing, but there’s no variety, as each color represents chocolate. Monotonous? Maybe. But who ever complained about more chocolate? Plus, Costume SuperCenter makes it easy for you to show your love for M&M’s.

3. Snickers


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A Snickers is just a better Milky Way. It has all of the same ingredients, PLUS PEANUTS. Unless you’re allergic, what scenario isn’t made better by peanuts? Exactly.

2. Kit Kat


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Wafer cookies are delicious, and they’re even better when they’re covered with milk chocolate. The only negative that anybody can seem to point out about Kit Kats is that the candy that urges you to break it is too easily shared. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

1. Reese’s


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As if there was ever a doubt. Chocolate and peanut butter make for a more dynamic duo than Batman and Robin. The pair has stolen more hearts than the Disney Princesses. Together, they’re a better team than the Avengers. Whether you receive a single miniature cup, a bag of the succulent “pieces,” or the glorious king pack that allows you FOUR full size cups, being handed a Reese’s on Halloween is a treat, indeed.
Is there anything worse than trick-or-treating at a house that hands you an apple? Or a toothbrush? Or pennies? You deserve better than that! With Costume SuperCenter’s definitive power ranking of Halloween candy, you’ll never again have to wonder how successful you were on All Hallow’s Eve.

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