Hannah Montana is a Hot Teen Rage

By May 13, 2009 In the News No Comments

As a teenager I had so many idols that I can’t remember them all. Some of my poster icons made such an indelible impression on my young mind that I will never forget them. Today, I think the word for a teen idol is the same but it’s not called a “fad” any more. Now it’s a “rage” and the television, magazines and internet are flooded with them.


If you’re a teenager then you have probably heard of Hannah Montana. She is one of those “idols” that has all the traits of pop stars and movie stars that become legends.

Remember Elvis? He’s a legend. How about Marilyn Monroe? Another legend. Maybe your generation is earlier than this time period. Say, Dean Martin or Fred Astaire. All of these popular legends have one thing in common. They started out as a pop idol or “rage” on a local stage or TV show or as radio celebrities like Loretta Lynn. They became so popular to their audiences that their fame spread far and wide.

When you think of the names I mentioned, you know they are famous to the point of being legendary. Now compare them to Hannah Montana. Do you see the similarities? There are a few differences and I want to tell you about them.

First of all, Hannah Montana’s stage name is modern and hip and catchy. Marilyn Monroe had a memorable name. So did Fred Astaire. Publicity lures the audience with catch all names and phrases. It’s just good advertising. You can remember a name like Hannah Montana and there is no one out there with a name like it. The name is a rhyme which makes it easier to remember. And Hannah is cute, she’s modern, she’s spunky and unique…and she can sing.

One thing gives Hannah Montana the advantage today in comparison with her piers of other generations. That is the internet media and television being available all over the world. With social networks like facebook and Twitter, news travels through cyberspace faster than the speed of light it seems. Publicize your favorite teen idol or rock star on either of these mediums and watch how fast their popularity rises. It doesn’t hurt that Hannah Montana’s father is Billy Ray Cyrus either. He is a country music star in his own right.


One difference that sets Hannah Montana apart from other idols or legends is her age. She became popular at a young age and hit the teen scene like a tidal wave. Everywhere you look you see Hannah Montana’s name, face or logo. Products fill the teen idol section in department stores with items such as clothing, dolls, jewelry, make up, diaries, wigs, journals; CD’s to name what I can remember off the top. She has a popular TV show and music CD’s out. Her fame is not dwindling any time soon from what I can see. I’d say she has good managers, too.

If you want your daughter’s birthday party or other theme party to be special, then feature Hannah Montana and she’ll be the star in her class for a while to come. Hang some posters and deck the girls all out in different Hannah outfits. You can buy them at department stores or online at costume companies like right here. Don’t forget the microphone and buy some of her music to play if you want it to be a total Hannah Montana moment to remember!

Have you considered a theme party for your teenager for their birthday or other special occasion?