Have Fun on Rainy Spring Days with Clearance Costumes

By March 29, 2010 In the News No Comments

Clearance costumes are a great thing!  Clearance costumes are an excellent resource for bargain conscious shoppers to find unbeatable savings up to 80% off the retail price. Clearance costumes have many uses. Obviously the first being Halloween costumes but at the rock bottom prices you can stock up on kid’s costumes just for fun and dress-up.
With plenty of rain in the forecast this spring you can be sure your kids will be looking for something to do. Instead of letting them veg in front of the TV, why not engage their imagination. Your children will love it. There are some many ways to have fun with costumes. Make a toy chest of costumes for your kids and fill it with costumes that will provide hours of fun on rainy spring days. You can fill a toy chest with costumes and accessories for under $50. Here are a couple of examples of how.

High School Musical for Girls– Sharpay and Gabriella costumes are on sale for only $9.99 each. The 25 piece High School Musical Dress Up Box  $14.99. Wildcats Megaphone and Cheerleader accessories $7.99. All this for just under $43.00

Boy’s World of Make Believe – GI Joe Duke $14.99; Superman Deluxe costume $14.99 and the Emperor Ninja Deluxe Costume $14.99 all for just $45.00

Stock up now and let your kids wear them just for fun on a rainy day, or any day for that matter.  Then when Halloween comes they can decide if they want to wear a costume they already have or buy a new one at a super low price from Costume SuperCenter.

Clearance costumes are not just limited to kids. There is a wide variety in every genre and every age group. Adult clearance costumes and sexy clearance costumes range from super hero costumes to humorous costumes and everything in between. The best part about buying a clearance costume, besides the amazing savings, is that the only one who will know you are wearing a clearance costume is you.

The clearance section is also a good place to check for your summer party needs. There are great deals happening now on Luau costumes and party accessories.

Clearance costumes are the best deal in town. Whether they are for Halloween or hours of entertainment on a rainy day you’ll find a huge variety for everyone at Costume SuperCenter.