5 Hilarious and Creative Couples Costumes

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You know what they say: Love is wearing cheesy costumes together! While you can always look at Disney Princesses or superhero characters for costume inspiration, there are also several unique ways to showcase your relationship status.

Whether you’re coupled up or want to dress with a friend, these five costume ideas are sure to add some fun to your Halloween party!

Captain & Diet

captain and coke

Everyone will know the party has started when Captain and Coke enter the room! Any pirate costume can be paired with a hook, boots and eyepatch for an intimidating look. However, when paired with the Diet Coke costume, the intimidation ends and it’s time to party!

Hook – Click Here | Buccaneer Boots – Click Here | Eyepatch – Click Here | Pirate Costume – Click Here |  Diet Coca-Cola Costume – Click Here

Taco Belle

taco belle costume

Fast food and Disney movies go hand-in-hand with this creative couples outfit. While the taco costume will be a lovely sight for food lovers, the Belle costume will add even more beauty on the taco’s arm. Make sure you stop for a burrito on the way home from the party! Actually, do that no matter what your costume is.

Taco Costume – Click Here | Belle Costume – Click Here

Woody & Bo Peep 

woody and bo peep

Time to celebrate one of the cutest Pixar romances ever! This licensed Woody costume and a more naughty version of his girlfriend Bo Peep will wow the crowds and give the two of you the perfect opportunity to imagine what will happen in Toy Story 4.

Woody Costume – Click Here | Bo Peep Costume – Click Here


bear foot

Time to relax and walk around barefoot! This couples costume is sure to make everyone giggle the moment they understand your pun. The Sexy Teddy Bear costume adds some charm, but the Bigfoot costume means business. Everyone is sure to have a good chuckle.

Bear Costume – Click Here | Bigfoot Costume – Click Here


catfish costume

Nev and Max have nothing on you! Dress as a sexy cat and add even more sultry appeal with this Nemo costume. When combined together, everyone will immediately understand the reference to the MTV series Catfish! Hilarity ensues, unless you bump into somebody who has had a traumatizing online relationship experience!

Sexy Cat Costumes – Click Here | Nemo Costume – Click Here

couples costumes

Make this Halloween a memorable one for both you and your significant other! If you’re not the creative type, Costume SuperCenter has a ton of great Couples Costume ideas to make sure you’re dressed to impress!

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