Host a Little Girl’s Tea Party with Costumes

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Costume tea parties are a great way for little girls to learn social skills and manners while having fun role-playing as grown-ups. There is nothing cuter than a group of little girls dressed in fancy costumes with feather boas and little princess themed play heels sipping tea with their pinkies out.

With the enormous number of costumes and accessories available for girls, having children’s tea parties has become a business.  You can purchase a variety girls princess costumes, feather boas, gloves, tiaras, wigs, hats, dress-up jewelry, purses and anything else you can think of to get you started. Garage sales and thrift shops are the perfect place to find pieces of fancy, dainty china and serveware.

Your child will act as hostess of the party. This will teach her how to greet her guests when they arrive and how to thank them and say goodbye when they leave. As the parent, you should do the serving of tea and finger foods while coaching the girls in the art of conversation, if necessary. Here are some pointers for hosting a little girl’s tea party with costumes.

When Guests Arrive

Your child can greet her guest and invite them into a room where the dress-up clothes are displayed. With their moms help, they can change into their special tea party outfit and play until all the guests arrive.

What To Do First

There are a variety of things you can do. For example, let each girl “walk the runway” and show off their pretty costume. They can also play a game like musical chairs, do a craft, or play with dolls.

What to Serve

When it is time to invite the girls to the table have everything ready to serve.  We suggest serving decaffeinated tea such a green tea or mild herbal teas that are somewhere between warm and hot. Serve with milk and sugar cubes. Two basic tea sandwiches include peanut butter and jelly cut into shapes with assorted cookie cutters and cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches cut into triangles (no crust). Cookies should be served on fancy platters and include shortbread cookies, macaroons and small scones and muffins with lemon curd and jam. If it is a birthday party, a cake of any kind or cupcakes would be fine.

Mind your Manners

This is a great opportunity to learn the art of  “please and thank you” as well as learning table etiquette such as placing the napkin on their lap, offering food before passing it, asking to pass something out of arms reach, elbows off the table, etc. They will be dressed in frilly girl’s costumes which will help remind them to act in a lady-like manner.

Wrap it Up

After tea time, the girls can engage in free play time, or a variety of other activities until the party is over. If it is a birthday, you can open gifts, which is another opportunity for teaching etiquette.  15 minutes before the end time, costumes should be removed and placed back on hangers or set aside to be laundered. When each girl leaves the child hostess should be thanked for coming and give a party favor, if applicable.

You can also turn your tea party into a specific theme by offering Disney princess costumes, fairy costumes, animal costumes or what ever else you choose. What type of costume tea party would you have.