Book Your Room at Hotel Transylvania… Again

hotel transylvania

Book your room at Hotel Transylvania for September 25th! With the word out that the doors are being opened to the human world, things are about to get monstrous!

hotel transylvania 2

In the first film, this fun loving group of monsters, led by Dracula (Adam Sandler) and Frankenstein (Kevin James), had their opinions of the human race changed. When Dracula’s daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez), turns 118 and “zings” with the backpacking, free-spirited human Jonathan (Andy Samberg), the father panics and disguises him as Johnnystein (Frankenstein’s right arm cousin). Throughout the movie, the audience watches Dracula’s failed attempts to keep the couple apart while trying to prove to his daughter how horrible humans truly are.

The happy ending comes when Dracula finally learns that the humans actually love the monsters and that the “zing” between Mavis and Johnny is real.

After that fairytale finish, the monsters are letting the humans back into Hotel Transylvania! Since the audience saw them last, Mavis and Johnny had a son, Dennis, who is not showing signs of being a vampire. Dracula decides to create a Monster-in-Training boot camp at the hotel to encourage his grandson’s inner-vamp.

Lifestyles collide, in-laws are left unhappy, and hilarity ensues in this sequel to the 2012 blockbuster film for the whole family. Watch the trailer below, and know that Costume SuperCenter has exactly what you need to look like this new take on a clan of classic horror stars.