How to Look Like Steven Tyler for Halloween

By April 8, 2011 In the News 2 Comments

If everyone in the world didn’t already know who Steven Tyler is, thanks to American Idol, they do now! If you look up rock star in the dictionary, Steven Tyler’s picture is what you will see.  My junior high school age daughter never heard of Tyler or Aerosmith before this season’s Idol but now she is downloading his songs from I-tunes and watching videos of him on You Tube. When I told her he was just a few years younger than grandma and poppy she almost threw up then said, “but he’s so skinny and cool?!” Regardless, she is completely fascinated with him because NO ONE looks like or dresses quite like him anymore. Every week we both look forward to seeing what Steven and J-Lo are wearing as much as we look forward to seeing the contestants sing.

You’ll never achieve his distinct sound but you can get his look with some clever costumes and accessories:

  1. Rock star costumes – snakeskin pants, zebra print pants, animal print anything, a leather vest, a variety of metallic print shirts or a the Men’s Metal Hero costume from Costume SuperCenter would all work. You can even wear a puffy pirate shirt with a long coat. I’ve seen him rock that look just recently. But for a classic Steven Tyler wardrobe look, an open shirt (only for the hairless-chested, please) or muscle shirt is the way to go.
  2. 80s rocker wigs with a laid back, messy style, then clip in some highlights in the front.
  3. Jewelry – crosses, skulls, peace signs and feather accented items – bracelets, necklace and rings (lots of cool jewelry)
  4. Scarves and feather boas that you can wear around your neck or tie to a microphone stand.
  5. Other items that will make you stand out like a one-of-a-kind rock star playa like a pimp cane or funky shoes.

Check out the video, you’ll get the picture.

Of course, given the choice, she’d much rather meet Justin Bieber but his days are numbered; Steven Tyler will be cool forever! Get everything you need to achieve this look as your Halloween costume at Costume SuperCenter.