I Love Mardi Gras!

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I love Mardi Gras. In fact, just writing the words Mardi Gras makes my pulse quicken a bit. Mardi Gras is something absolutely everyone should experience at least once in their life, so if you’ve never been part of it, maybe this should be your year. Of course, I’m partial to any excuse to dress up and hide behind masks. And I’m equally partial to being surrounded by people who are ready and willing to let their hair down.

Mardi Gras Cat Eyes

People dress in all kinds of costumes, from cute to weird. Take a look at Mardi Gras from 2008.

I mean, there are parties, and then there are parties.

I love Mardi Gras because of the colors, the festivities, the sheer joy in being alive. I love being with other people who want to embrace life and togetherness. If you can’t actually attend the Mardi Gras, it’s still a great theme year-round for parties. Any excuse to party is an excuse to dress up for Mardi Gras, from birthdays to weddings to anniversaries.
If you are attending the Mardi Gras or a Mardi Gras party, here’s a simple rule of thumb: the wilder the costume the better. Bright colors are important: purple, green, and gold. Colorful feather boas, and colorful beads are great choices. Use plenty of feathers, sequins, and glitter. Outrageous costumes such as a court jester and anything done in excess are especially appropriate for Mardi Gras.
There are many different styles of masks, but be sure to wear one. Purple, green, and gold express the true spirit of Mardi Gras. They can be feathered, beaded, sequined, or pretty much anything else your imagination creates. A mask allows you to be anonymous, and in being anonymous, you can truly be free to be whoever you want for that one day.
The main ingredients for a Mardi Gras party are good friends, good music, and good fun. Be creative, let loose, and have a blast!
What other ideas do you have for Mardi Gras or Mardi Gras parties?