I still love hearing…”Live! It’s Saturday Night!”

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It’s funny, as a teen I started my love for this show. As a young woman, I loved this show and as an “older young woman” I still love this show. SNL has been with me since the first night I sat on Felicia’s couch and watched it for the first time.

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There are so many skits I have loved and I most definitely have my favorites; notice the plural on favorites. SNL has had its moments of controversies and stretches of not so funny at times. There was always gossip about if the show would go on, or who was doing what drug and sheer horror from everyone’s loved cast member’s death.

Ok…back to the couch.

I still remember my first experience. It probably sounds silly but, for a girl of a strict father, watching something as racy as SNL was a big deal. I was fascinated with the humor; it was something I’ never experienced before.

So, there I was…and there was this kinda chubby guy dressed up like a samurai warrior thrashing a sword around like it was made of foam rubber and harmless. With the way food flopped and flew around, I still think it was a real sword. His wild thrashing around, his aggressive behavior, his own language – if you could call it a language, it was more of loud noises and grunts, and the eyebrow raise…this guy was hilarious! I was hooked!

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This skit made the Samurai Deli man a hit for older kids at Halloween, and a few younger ones who had hip parents. LOL…not my dad!

Samurai Adult Costume

To this day, John Belushi is one of my all time fav’s and his Samurai character is one of the best SNL has had and one of the best ever created. What’s your favorite?