If I Were Lindsay Lohan’s Stylist While She is in Prison

LA83397 - Orange Prison Romper

Well, Lindsay Lohan is officially a jailbird. Yesterday she was shipped to Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, California where she is likely to serve about 12 days of her 90 day sentence. Poor Lindsay! She’ll have crummy food and terrible accommodations but even worse, what’s a fashion diva like Lindsay to do about that dowdy orange prison jumpsuit? From the looks of Lindsay’s mug shot, it totally lack style and I bet it makes her butt look big. If I could be Lindsay Lohan’s stylist for the time she’s in jail I would put her in a few hot little prison costumes.  She needs casual wear, formal wear and party wear that will work for her new prison lifestyle. Here are my top three picks:

Here is a much more flattering version of that frumpy prison jumpsuit. The sexy prison romper is a short, tight one piece jumpsuit with a handcuff belt and the word “Guilty” on the back.  Lindsay can wear her verdict with pride and look totally hot at the same time. This sporty little number would be very appropriate for outdoor recreation like her daily stroll around the prison yard.

For a sexy dinner outfit, Lindsay can wear this fitted black and white striped sequin prisoner dress with matching prison hat. She’ll get to dine in on gourmet jail food served on cafeteria trays while eating with the finest plastic utensils. All eyes will be on LiLo. The paparazzi may not be there but all the other cons will be dying to know who she’s wearing.

On the occasions when Lindsay can have visitors she’ll want to look her best.  Just because she’s locked up doesn’t mean she has to give up her party girl look. She needs to remind everybody that you can take the girl away from the party but you can’t take the party out of the girl. The Not Guilty Prisoner costume is a midriff bearing two piece with a skirt and top.

If the prison system won’t allow me to style Lindsay Lohan with prison costumes then at least I’ve given you a few ideas for Halloween Costumes. Any of these costumes would make the perfect Lindsay Lohan Prisoner Costume.