Is that a Landshark?

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Again…Saturday Night Live ruled in the 70’s. The humor lives on today. A perfect example is the skit of the Landshark. This out of water, land roaming “creature” would knock on the door and try its best to get the person in the skit to open the door.

Credit:  (Flickr)

Credit: Sam Howzit (Flickr)

I always loved how when one reply to “Who is it?” brought back some garbled words and when this didn’t work and different response would be given each time the “visitor” was asked who he was. Second “Who is it?” Second reply “Plumber.” Third “Who is it? Third reply “telegram”. Of course Gilda Radner would find a telegram a reasonable response from the stranger and open the door. LOL…as soon as she did the big shark would stuff her head in his mouth and drag her out kicking and screaming! Too funny!

Another favorite of mine is the skit with John Belushi plays Richard Dreyfuss’ marine biologist part and Dan Akroyd plays Roy Scheider’s part as the sheriff. John did a really good job pulling off Matt Hooper (Dreyfuss). He’s telling the Sheriff there is no way the woman was killed by falling out of a tree; never mind the fact he’s looking into a small box (about 3 feet long and less than 1 foot wide) covered by some kind of cloth. That alone let’s you know she was not in one piece.

Right after this scene they cut to Laraine Newman in her apartment and there is a knock at the door. She doesn’t fall for the “smart Landshark” and quickly points out to him he can’t fool her! He still tries and follows suit with his well known tactics. First “Who is it?” and “garbled phrase” reply. Second “Who is it?” and yet another “garbled phrase” reply. The third “Who is it?” and finally a reply you can understand “flowers.” “Flowers for whom?” After a pause the tricky shark replies, “Plumber ma’am.” This is when she let’s the Landshark know she doesn’t need flowers and knows he is that cleaver Landshark! To which he replies, “Candy gram.” At this point she threatens to call the cops if he doesn’t get out of there but he still gives it one more try, “I’m only a dolphin ma’am.” Well this changes everything and she sees it as reasonable to open the door. After all, it is only a harmless dolphin! Of course the entire time this is playing out I’m yelling, “Don’t do it! Don’t open the door!” but you know what happens, she opens the door and he stuffs her head into his mouth then drags her out kicking and screaming! LOL…sorry, I just love this stuff! I know it is the silliest thing but it’s just funny stuff!

Man Eating Shark Adult Costume

SNL and the Landshark were so popular at Halloween in the 70’s. Back then though you only saw kids dressed in an outfit that had a picture of the Landshark’s body running down the front of it and a plastic mask resembling its head. Today you can get a costume in the shape of a shark and even one that looks like its eating someone! How cool is that?

I cannot be the only person who loves this skit! The Landshark was a favorite of too many people to not still be loved. You’ve got to be out there? What was your favorite skit?