Jeannie Isn’t Sleeping In Her Bottle Tonight

By May 4, 2009 In the News No Comments

How can I put some magic into the evening? There are so many ways and I’m not about to be lost for some new adventure to entertain my boyfriend! I like to take things he says and turn it into a fun night.

I Dream of Jeannie

When I was a kid on of my favorite shows was I Dream of Jeannie. There were times when I would play and pretend I was Jeannie and my friend Carol would be the Major. I don’t remember exactly how it came up but, my boyfriend and I started talking about the show. As it turns out, he loved the show too. At first he preferred me to think it was the show and ONLY the magic or wishes she could grant, but it wasn’t long before it was clear this played just a small part of his love for the show. Let’s face it, Barbara Eden made every little girl want to be a Jeannie in a bottle and every little boy want her! She was a hot Jeannie!

This made me think, how much fun would it be to dress up as Jeannie one night and grant my man 3 wishes? Sure, it would be risky; my man is just like every other man out there! But, I could set limits and make him think he came up with them. Yep…like I said, he’s just like every other man. When they want something, they’re easy to persuade. And all ladies know how to make their guy think her idea was his! LOL

So, I ordered my (I Dream of Jeannie) costume and anxiously waited for the day it would arrive. This place was quick! I had it a couple of days later. This costume was a sexy little number! Everything was pink; I love pink! When I put the suit on, I felt like Jeannie! This costume transported me to a different time and I definitely felt like I could grant a wish or two in it!

I prepared a meal fit for a Master and waited for him to get home. Though it wasn’t long, it seemed like forever! Finally…he came through the door. You should have seen the look on his face. Next time, I’ll have to set the rules early for “if this ever happens again” you have to keep your hands to yourself until Jeannie grants you a wish! …and of course it will, but he doesn’t need to know it’s a definite. Anticipation is part of the game.

Was I Dream of Jeannie on of your favorite shows as a child?