The Size of the Karat Does Matter

By April 12, 2009 In the News No Comments

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail…isn’t that how the story starts?

So, my friend went out and purchased a beautiful little diamond ring and started trying to figure out a unique way to propose to his girlfriend. He finally decided Easter would give him the perfect opportunity to surprise her. After throwing around a few ideas about the best way to propose, he decided to dress up as Peter Cotton Tail and hide the ring in a plastic egg. He’d tell her his mom insisted he spend Easter with his family and dinner would be at the exact same time as his girlfriend’s mom’s dinner. He’d show up as Peter Cotton Tail and hide the eggs for all the kids at her mom’s house.

The big day came and when he pulled up the kids went crazy! After all, how many kids have Peter Cotton Tail show up at their house? After some fun with the kids he had them all go inside the house and he hid the eggs. He took special care to hide his special egg so the kids wouldn’t find it.

The kids all came out and started their egg hunt. When they were all finished he gathered all the kids around and whispered to them there was one more special egg and that it was meant for Rachel. One of the little boys was told where to find the egg and quickly ran over and grabbed it. Rachel couldn’t hear what was going on between Peter and the kids but tried to overhear them.

Once the little boy had brought back the egg all the kids walked over to Rachel. Peter Cotton Tail got down on one knee and the kid holding the special egg walked over to him and put the egg in his hands. PCT looked up at Rachel and held out the egg for her to take. Rachel took the egg and opened it to find a note that read, “Does the size of the karat really matter?”

Mike said as soon as she finished reading the note he held up a carrot with the ring slid over the end of it. Rachel didn’t notice the carat on the carrot at first! The kids knew when Mike held up the carrot it was their signal and in a not so all in unison way said, “Rachel, will you marry Mike?”

Rachel was confused for a few seconds then reached over and took the head piece off the rabbits head and unveiled Mike. This is when he repeated the question, “Rachel, will you marry me?” Rachel was so over joyed she didn’t see the ring on the carrot and in all her excitement the ring went flying. Of course Mike went into a panic when he went to slide the ring off carrot to slip it on Rachel’s finger.

It took them a little bit, but they finally found the ring and all the panic subsided. I told Mike if the diamond had been bigger it never would have been lost for very long.

I guess you could say the motto of this story is, the size of the carrot really does matter. Or in this case, the karat.

Do you have a Peter Cotton Tail story? Have you ever had Peter give you a karat?