The Latest Trends in Costumes Turn to the Bare Essentials

By February 3, 2009 In the News No Comments

I wonder at times how fashion designers and trend setters come up with their new fashion and costume ideas. Is it an inspired event or do designers have to work for it? It must be a risk coming up with costume ideas that fit the role of what’s hot and what’s not.


In my observation, trends follow two major themes. The political climate and Hollywood. I have read articles while researching this topic online that confirms my belief. What you see appearing on the runways of world Fashion Shows greatly influences what you will see in your local costume shop.

Not only do people want to be trendy, but they want to be chic. Personally, if I’m dressing in a costume I want to either be funny or extreme. Unless I’m going to a special theme party or a fancy gig with pre-requisites in dress style.

If you’re thinking like I am thinking, sexy is selling everything. Costumes for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Whodunits, weddings and renaissance fairs are all part of the scheme to bring back the sexy and alluring in the way we play dress up. If you look at catalogs, you will be able to see how often the actual replica of a style has morphed into an audition for Victoria’s Secret.

Now what do you suppose is causing this social behavior? I mean, are we lacking in confidence or is it the whole beauty and the beast syndrome? I’m puzzled about it all.

As a spectator, I’m just observing the scene and wondering what will surface in 2009. Any hints? I have some thoughts and best guesses.

President Barack Obama took the political scene by whirlwind. I imagine that men will want to emulate the President as much as possible. Not a bad idea, I say. As for the First Lady, she is very classy and soft, sort of demure. Costumes will probably surface in all areas with a little bit of her quiet sex appeal, with a touch of class added. It will be interesting to watch. I can’t imagine a sexy bare essential First Lady, though. To me, that would be crossing taboo boundaries.

We’ll just have to wait for the new lines to come out and see what 2009 brings to the costume world. I believe it will be an exciting and sensational year, especially with all the positive inspiration emanating from a very dynamic Presidential election.