Let’s Go To The 70’s

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I think I was born in the wrong era…sort of. I recently got hooked on the show Life on Mars. It’s about a Police Detective who gets hit by a car in 2009 and wakes up in the 1970’s. He’s got all the knowledge of his home, in 2009, and all its technology. I think this is a great theme for a series. It makes me want to throw w 70’s party or have a 70’s Day at work.

Metal Silver Police Badge

Metal Silver Police Badge

Another one of my absolute favorite shows is That 70’s Show! It’s really cool to watch something that brings back so many memories. It’s so true to 1970’s life and they have some crazy plots.

I know Jackie is supposed to be the resident hottie, but Donna is really the one pretty one. I like her sarcastic personality and she’s a strong young woman who speaks her mind and stands her ground. I think one of my favorite episodes was when Nixon was coming to town and her dad, Bob, guilted her into wearing the star part of their three part costume. They looked silly and she was totally humiliated, but I liked the message it projected. Too bad Bob didn’t look as good in his stripes as this guy! I would have DVR’d the thing and watched it for weeks!

Stars and Stripes American Flag Vest

One of my other favorite episodes was when the girls wanted to go to the disco and Steven took dancing lessons from Mrs. Forman. Now she’s a fun wacky woman! She was a good sport and taught him a few good moves.

White Disco Pants Costume

Poor Eric, he’s just not a good dancer and chickened out at the disco but tried to make up for it after they got back…and how cute, he and Donna had their first kiss! LOL…I remember those awkward moments of trying to find the right time to steal a kiss! Of course to he had to do the Saturday Night Live “John Travolta” moves and sing a tune to break the tension and build up to sneaking that kiss!

Multi Glitter Go-Go Dress & Belt Adult Costume

The outfits worn back in the 1970’s were so awesome! The style was crazy and full of swirly patterns, polyester suits and go go boots! Wouldn’t it be cool to wake up in the morning and decide what year you want your day to be? I would definitely choose 1978 and throw some Bee Gees on, put on my sexiest mini dress, some really big hoop earrings, and some shiny go go boots along with a good splash of Charlie perfume and turn my disco ball on!

Disco Dolly Adult Costume

What era is your favorite? Do you like the 70’s or maybe the 60’s?