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From afar Debbie Eagan, a soap opera star turned stay-at-home mom, doesn’t seem like she’d be a particularly compelling character.But as but as the GLOW wrestler, Liberty Belle, she’s so much more than a blandly beautiful face who is supposed to win all of her matches. With a white star-spangled leotard, You too can become the all-American hero of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Debbie “Liberty Belle” Eagan.

Costume SuperCenter teamed up with cosplayer Uncanny Megan to create a step by step tutorial so that you can cosplay as Liberty Belle yourself!

This tutorial will walk you through how to make Liberty Belle’s finale outfit from GLOW. For a majority of this costume, Megan used Kwick Sew’s K3502 sewing pattern. I also drew up some pieces myself, so have some newspaper ready!

Materials We Used:

  • White faux velvet
  • Swimsuit lining
  • White vinyl
  • White spandex
  • Two medium length white zippers
  • Red, silver, and blue star appliques
  • Leotard sewing pattern

Liberty Belle Cosplay Step 1

The first step of this costume is making the leotard! I cut the full front and back pattern pieces out of our faux velvet with the intention of modifying them later. Make sure the front piece of your pattern is placed on the fold of your fabric to avoid an unwanted seam-line! You can also trace out the pieces on newspaper and alter the shape before cutting, the only reason I chose to do it this way is to make sure everything would sit correctly first.

I did find that this pattern was incredibly short in the crotch area and had to improvise later on in the construction. To avoid this, I suggest extending the bottom of the costumes out before cutting your initial pattern pieces! Other than that, following the instructions of the pattern should help lead you through the leotard process with no issues.

Once our pattern pieces were cut out, I placed our fabrics against each other, right side in, and pinned the sides together. Since this is stretch fabric, I used a zigzag stitch to sew the pieces.

Since the white material I chose was more opaque than expected, I decided to line our leotard with a nude swimsuit lining. This step isn’t required, but it a nice extra touch! I would recommend following the lining steps if you’re fabric is quite see-thru as well.

For the lining I repeated the first steps of construction again: cutting out the pieces, pinning them together, and sewing them with a zigzag stitch.

Liberty Belle Cosplay Step 2

If you went ahead and drew up your pattern pieces the way you wanted your leotard to look, then this next part is irrelevant to you.

I tried on our what was made of our leotard so far and marked where I needed to cut the new neckline. Since Liberty Belle has a particularly love cut back on her corset piece, I extended the back of the leotard further down than what the corset would be showing. I also made the shoulder straps much thinner so they, too, could easily be hidden under the corset.

After cutting the new shape of the top of our new neckline and straps, I laid our leotard down over the lining and cut that to match. Be very careful with this part because if the lining doesn’t match correctly, it could seriously mess up your final product!

Once our leotard and lining pieces matched, I placed them right side in and pinned all of the hemlines together. This includes the neckline, sleeve holes, and leg holes. Once sewn together with a zigzag stitch, I pulled our white leotard inside out and ended up with a nice costume with no showing stitches!

If you opted to not line your costume, instead of this step, you will be folding over you hemlines and sewing them down with a zigzag stitch. Examples of this can be seen further down in the tutorial.

Once our pieces were attached, I sewed shut the shoulders and added in the zipper. If you don’t know how to attach a zipper, it’s not as hard as it seems! You just place each side face down, pin, and sew! Then, I you flip the zipper over, you have a nice clean line with no showing stitches.

Zippers require a special sewing machine foot called a zipper foot. If you’re sewing machine didn’t come with one of these, they’re very easy to find in stores or online! This foot makes it so you can easily sew right alongside the teeth of the zipper. If you’re using an invisible zipper, they make an invisible zipper foot as well! Sewing a zipper is best done with a straight stitch.

Liberty Belle Cosplay Step 3

Once our zipper was sewn into place, I place the open part of the costume underneath the zipper facing each other, pinned and sewed them into place.

Since I didn’t notice the pattern pieces came up short before cutting our fabric, I also has to make an extension piece for the crotch. This caused our leotard to be significantly more high cut than I had intended, but that’s okay, nothing a pair of thick dance tights can’t fix!

For this piece, I cut out two rectangles, one from the white and one from the lining, to the length I needed. From there, I trimmed them to match up with the two initial crotch pieces. Just like with the rest of the leotard, I placed the lining and velvet piece together right side in, and sewed the sides shut. After turning them inside out, I pinned our new piece to the rest of the leotard and sewed it into place.

Next up is the corset piece! I made the pattern pieces for this using to same pieces I used for the leotard. After tracing the pre-existing pattern pieces onto newspaper, I took measurements to figure out the size and placement for everything. This involved taking measurements from the top of the shoulder to below the bust, from the bust to the waistline, and around the underneath of the bust and waistline.

Once the pieces were drawn up, I cut the front piece out on the fold of a piece of white vinyl and then the back piece out of two pieces of our faux velvet and then two pieces of some white spandex to help with the opacity.

Liberty Belle Cosplay Step 4

Once the pieces were attached, I began folding over the hemlines of the neck and sleeve holes. For any curved pieces, cutting small slits helps make the folds more smooth, especially with thicker materials like the vinyl piece. Very carefully, I used a straight stitch to sew our hems down.

Before hemming the bottom of the corset, it’s time for the zipper. Just like with the zipper on the leotard, I sewed our zipper into the back of the corset and closed up the rest of the back of the Liberty Belle costume!

Once the zipper had been added in the back seam of the costume has been closed, I hemmed the bottom of the costume just as I had done with the neck and arm holes. For this, I used a straight stitch on the vinyl and then switched to a zigzag stitch when I hit the velvet. This makes sure the material can still stretch around your body.

Liberty Belle Cosplay Step 5

The last step of this costume is the stars! I bought a pack of 45 glitter stars off Amazon. These are meant to be ironed on, but to avoid potentially melting our fabric, I opted to glue them into place. Unfortunately for us, hot glue does not stick to the vinyl I chose and I ended up top-stitching each star into place. This does look good as a final result! But if you plan to do this also, I suggest sewing them on before adding in the zipper.

How the stars are placed is up to you! I tried to avoid putting them in too much of a pattern so they would appear more random like they do on the actual outfit. I also cut some smaller to have a nicer variety in sizes!

When it comes to the shoes and wig, it’s really up to you! Costume SuperCenter offers a wide variety of white boots and blonde wigs, be sure to check them out! I did also find a pretty similar necklace on Amazon!

And that’s it! Everything you need to know to make a Liberty Belle cosplay costume like mine!

Liberty Belle Cosplay Costume Liberty Belle Copslay Liberty Belle Cosplay Costume Final

If you’re looking for more TV & Movie character costumes, check out the ones at Costume SuperCenter! And be sure to like Uncanny Megan on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, subscribe to her channel on YouTube and follow her on Twitter!

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