Look at The Shocking Items in Easter Baskets This Year!

Look at The Shocking Items in Easter Baskets This Year!

Shocked bunny with word bubble

One of the holiest days of the year is now one of extreme excess. #WWJD? I don’t know but if you want to find him, he’s probably at Disney like everyone else.

One thing I know is that even He would be shocked at what people are spending for Easter this year. But after he calms his nerves with some chocolate and scarfs down a few deviled eggs he will be ready to forgive us our sins once again.

So what has him so shocked? The sheer ridiculousness in how we celebrate Easter, that’s what. I don’t know how the concept of eating a chocolate bunny became a thing but when its a $49,000 rabbit with diamonds for eyes it has given the tradition a new meaning.

At a foot tall and 548,000 calories that equals 156 pounds gained if you eat the whole thing. What would that make your bowel movement worth?

Peter Cottontail and Jesus alike are wondering what ever happened to the little wicker Easter basket with the stringy plastic grass and that waxy, cheap Easter chocolate that we all grew up with?

Child With Easter Basket

EASTER BASKET FAIL!!!!! (courtesy mardenkane.com)


Obviously nostalgia is dead and now we live in a “Kardashian-esque” world with where everything needs to be one-upped.

Feel like going on an Easter Egg Hunt? Forget about those cheap plastic eggs filled with jelly beans and loose change. Head over to Harrod’s for a Faberge Egg Hunt. Search for jumbo artisan eggs hidden throughout the store and record your findings on a smartphone app. The winner will receive a Faberge pendant.

Losers don’t despair, just head over to their Faberge Egg Bar to fill your basket with a few of these little gems.  The average cost per miniature egg: $50.00. A full sized egg will run from $3,000 to hundreds of thousands.

Expensive Easter Eggs

Faberge Egg Bar at Harrod’s

If that is still not enough for you then buy your love The Mirage Egg – An $8Million 18K gold egg encrusted with over 1000 diamonds and precious stones. Lift the lid and there is another dome. Lift that dome and a hand carved white crystal dove sits on a golden olive branch accented with precious gems.

Jeez, all I want is the big Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup egg. My husband has no idea how easy he has it!

What’s next, raising $100,000 angora rabbits that poop 24K gold turds?