Make Our Halloween Countdown Widget Your Own

By September 11, 2009 In the News No Comments

To help get you geared up for Halloween, we’ve created our official Halloween Countdown widget. Halloween is just around the corner and time is going fast. Join us in counting down to our favorite day of the year by adding our widget to your blog, website or social media profile.  Simply press the “Get Widget” button under the Countdown widget (shown on the left) and choose your application. If you don’t see your application you can still add the widget to your own site by copying and pasting the code from Widget Box

Why should I add this countdown to my site, you ask? Because the best part of this widget is that you can customize it to your liking by adding your own photos.  Your favorite childhood Halloween photos, pictures of friends, your kids, and your dog – whomever you choose can be featured on the widget. It holds 5 photos that change each time you refresh your page.  Share your favorite Halloween memories while counting down to the big day.  To change our photos to yours click the admin button in the lower left corner of the widget. Since it’s customizable specifically for you, you can put any kind of pictures you want on your countdown.

It may not feel like Halloween yet but the first signs of the Halloween season are evident. The kids are back in school, the mornings are a bit cooler and the phones here at are ringing like crazy. Online and phone orders are at record numbers. The hottest costumes of the season are selling fast. As the countdown ticks down, now is the time to get your Halloween costume!

Once the big day has come and gone you can still keep the countdown going all year long. On November 1st the countdown automatically starts over!

Here at we’re happy to supply you with everything you need for a great Halloween so please join us as we countdown to our favorite day of the year and check out our terrific Recession Busters for amazing savings.